Tell the stories of legends. Earn a certificate in Sports Media. 

Klein College of Media and Communication’s Sports Media Certificate prepares students to enter the world of sports media as competitive professionals, from their first internship to ESPN.

The 18-credit certificate gives students the opportunity to gain experience and expertise in journalism, advertising, public relations, media and communication, and is offered to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors.

The certificate program will formally launch in Fall '21, but students can begin taking classes that will apply to the certificate during the Spring '21 semester. The sports media certificate is available only to students who are completing one of the five majors in Klein.

Not just a game

To complete the certificate, each student must enroll in a discussion seminar titled The Influence of Sports Media on Modern Society (JRN 3763). By taking multiple intersectional perspectives into consideration, the course examines the cultural impact of sports and sports coverage on society.

Students are also encouraged to take at least one course on sports writing and one on research methods, such as Writing Sports Statistics. The remaining required coursework can be selected from among several options of courses offered by the college’s four departments: 

  • advertising and public relations, 
  • communication and social influence, 
  • journalism and 
  • media studies and production. 

Win after win, from classroom to courtside

Recent graduates have already set the standard for Klein-driven success in the sports media industry, boasting positions such as:

  • Coordinator of Team Relationships and Public Relations at The Basketball Tournament
  • Production Assistant at NBC Sports
  • Entertainment Development and Marketing Intern with NFL Films
  • Communications Associate for Golf Association of Philadelphia
  • Video Production Assistant for Ball State Athletics
  • Sports Anchor/Reporter for affiliate KPLC
  • ...and more!

Have a question?

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