Temple’s Doctoral Program in Media and Communication

Our doctoral students work with mentors, participate in faculty research and scholarly publishing, and graduate with a strong foundation in theory and research methodologies covering several areas of interest, including: international communication, new media, political communication, communication and gender studies, communication history, media institutions, psychological processing of media, and communication and social change. Take a look at some recent work our doctoral students have published in peer-reviewed journals.

Tracy Tinga, Urszula Pruchniewska , and Michael Buozis, and Klein College student Loyce Kute, whose article titled "Gendered Discourses of Control in Global Journalism: Women's Bodies in CNN's Zika Reporting" has been published in the journal Feminist Media Studies. 

Melissa Meade, who wrote "In the Shadow of the Coal Breaker: Cultural Extraction and Participatory Communication in the Anthracite Mining Region" in the journal Cultural Studies, was awarded Best Journal Article in the 2017 Awards of the Ethnography Division of the National Communication Association. 

Michael Buozis’ "Doxing or Deliberative Democracy? Evidence and Digital Affordances in the Serial subReddit" was recently published in the journal Convergence.

Urszula Pruchniewska published "'A Crash Course in Herstory': Remembering the Women's Movement in MAKERS: Women Who Make America," in The Southern Communication Journal, 82(4), a special issue on "Gender and Public Memory."

Emil Steiner and Kun Xu published “Binge-watching motivates change: Uses and gratifications of streaming video viewers challenge traditional TV research” in Convergence.

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