The Master of Science in Conflict and Communication is a 32-credit-hour program with a strong foundation in social science theory and research. This program addresses the influence of communication on social conflict development, escalation and resolution, and positions students to be solution-driven researchers and contributors to the field.

Understand processes of conflict and reconciliation

The MS degree in conflict and communication prepares graduate students to generate cutting-edge research that drives and informs the academic study and practice of conflict and communication, conduct independent research projects on international and national trends in the study of conflict and communication and support practitioners of conflict intervention in the development solutions-based approaches to conflict and communication in the community. This program provides students with opportunities to research conflict and communication across various social settings (urban, suburban and rural), organizational settings (corporate and community), social identity spaces (race/ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, etc.) and many other areas where research on conflict and communication can help practitioners engage more effectively.

A brand new program to heal today’s divides

By the time they graduate, students in this program will be prepared to: 

  • conduct research on conflict and communication processes
  • evaluate how communication processes create, reflect and address social conflicts 
  • examine conflict across cultural and situational contexts
  • apply their theoretical studies and practical findings directly to their communities
  • learn how to apply communication theory to analysis 
  • analyze social identity construction in times of conflict

Typical Careers

Graduates are prepared for roles in:

  • Think-tanks
  • Doctoral studies in a broad range of disciplines
  • Academia
  • International policy organizations
  • Research institutions
  • Non-profit social advocacy organizations

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Target Employers and Future Prospects

Graduates of the MS in Conflict and Communication program will stand out in their ability to research and analyze the role communication plays in managing conflict throughout systems. They will be prepared for a number of career options, as well as further doctoral studies in the social sciences.

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