Journalism plays a central role in social and political life. 

Research in this area reflects on the role of journalism in society from both historical and contemporary perspectives. It examines processes of production, distribution and reception of news in national and international contexts, and explores journalism’s changing nature in the digital age.

Klein’s newly created “Center for Cities & Solutions” focuses on the study of solutions-based journalism to promote positive change in urban environments such as Philadelphia.

Recent research by our faculty has addressed:

  • Solutions journalism
  • The melding of news and entertainment
  • Digital journalism
  • Journalism history
  • Non-profit news organizations
  • The future of journalism
  • How journalists use social media
  • News in a global context

Journalism studies news  

November 2020: Dr. Andrea Wenzel publishes “Community-centered journalism: Engaging people, exploring solutions, and building trust” with the University of Illinois Press.

November 2020: M&C Doctoral Candidate Shannon Rooney successfully defended her dissertation, titled "Memory, Margins, and Materiality: The Philadelphia MOVE Bombing." 

October 2020: Dr. Brian Creech’s article "Exploring the politics of visibility: Technology, digital representation, and the mediated workings of power" was awarded the 2020 Mouton d'Or Article of the Year prize from the journal Semiotica, the official journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies.

October 2020: Dr. Brian Creech co-authors “Interrogating LeftTube: Contrapoints and the possibilities of critical media praxis on YouTube” in the journal Television & New Media.

April 2020: M&C doctoral student Eloise Murphy successfully defended her dissertation "The Heady Mix of the 2016 Presidential Election: Twitter, Power, Politics, Gender and Journalism." 

March 2020: M&C doctoral student Michael Buozis successfully defended his dissertation "Cyberlibertarian Dreams: Producing Privilege and Power in Journalistic Discourses of the Internet."

February 2020: Dr. Brian Creech publishes "Fake news and the discursive construction of technology companies' social power," in the journal Media, Culture, & Society.January 2020: Dr. Brian Creech co-authors report “The View from Journalism's Post-Crisis Generation,” supported by the Center for Media, Inequality, and Change and The Center for Media@Risk at the University of Pennsylvania.

January 2020: Dr. Carolyn Kitch co-edits new book, Front Pages, Front Lines: Media and the Fight for Women's Suffrage, published by the University of Illinois Press

8/26/19: Dr. David Mindich's third book and first textbook, The Mediated World: A New Approach to Mass Communication and Culture, published by Rowan & Littlefield.

8/27/19: Dr. Geoffrey Baym publishes “‘Think of him as the president’: Tabloid Trump and the political imaginary, 1980-1999” in the Journal of Communication.

4/24/19: Dr. Brian Creech co-authors article “A digital baron for a digital age: Chris Hughes and neoliberalism’s ascendancy in journalism” in Digital Journalism.

3/15/19: Dr. Soomin Seo publishes “Blue Collar Witnesses to Power: The Culture of Photographers at the Associated Press” in Journalism Studies

3/15/19: Dr. Carolyn Kitch’s co-edited book, Women’s Suffrage and the Media, to be published by the University of Illinois Press in 2020.

3/15/19: Dr. Lauren Kogen publishes chapter “Marketplace of ideas or little shop of horrors? Comparing US news coverage of local and distant suffering” in the book Media and mass atrocity: The Rwanda genocide and beyond.

3/1/19: Dr. Carolyn Kitch and an editorial team organize a suffrage-themed special issue of American Journalism

3/1/19: Dr. Carolyn Kitch publishes chapter “‘Taking Back’ a Post-Conflict City: Tourism, Anniversary Memory, and the New Histories of Belfast” in the book Communicating memory and history.

12/15/18: Dr. Andrea Wenzel publishes article “Engaged journalism in rural communities” in Journalism Practice.

11/15/18: Dr. Logan Molyneux and co-authors publish “Media work, identity, and the motivations that shape branding practices among journalists: An explanatory framework” in New Media & Society.

11/15/18: Dr. Soomin Seo presents lecture “Calling Pyongyang: Changes in Journalistic Approaches to North Korea Since 2000” at the Nam Center for Korean Studies at the University of Michigan.

10/15/18: Dr. Soomin Seo presents “South Korea’s Watergate Moment: How a Media Coalition Brought Down the Park Geun-hye Government” at the Global Fusion Annual Conference in Charlottesville.

9/15/18: Dr. Carolyn Kitch receives the Guido H. Stempel III Award for Journalism and Mass Communication Research, given annually by the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University. 

9/15/18: Dr. Soomin Seo publishes article “Covering the hermit regime: A comparison of North Korea coverage at the Associated Press and NK News” in Journalism.

8/15/18: Dr. Brian Creech publishes article “Finding the White working class in 2016: Journalistic discourses and the construction of a political identity” in the European Journal of Cultural Studies

8/15/18: Dr. Carolyn Kitch publishes chapter “Journalism as Memory” in the book Handbook of communication science.


Geoffrey Baym, Erin CoyleBrian Creech, Fabienne Darling-Wolf, Bruce W. Hardy, Carolyn Kitch, Lauren Kogen, Magda Konieczna, Marc Lamont Hill, David MindichLogan Molyneux, Soomin Seo, Andrea Wenzel

Typical courses offered 

  • Emerging media and communication
  • Communication institutions
  • Journalism concepts
  • Critical analysis of mass media
  • Visual communication
  • Critical textual analysis
  • Historical methods
  • Solutions journalism