Starting at Temple Harrisburg

Enrolling at the university’s Harrisburg campus is a great way to start your career as a Temple Owl. First-year Klein College students can enroll in a full-time schedule designed to meet Temple’s general education requirements while introducing you to fields of study in the areas of media and communication.

  • Lay the foundation for your entire academic experience in a highly supportive environment with small class sizes.
  • Build lasting relationships with fellow students, faculty and staff before heading to Main Campus.
  • Visits to campus in Philadelphia will give you a taste of what Temple's urban setting has to offer.

Sample courses

In addition to a variety of general education courses, Klein College offers coursework designed to introduce Harrisburg students to media and communication.

Journalism and Society

The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with concepts and functions of journalism and the related industries of advertising and public relations in American society. Students will gain knowledge about the history, economics and industry structure of these industries, focusing on how mass media content is determined and disseminated. We will explore underlying values associated with journalism, relationships between journalism and other social institutions, and current issues facing journalists.

Future of your TV

What is the future of your TV and what kinds of programming will you see in the next two years? Television is not going away but how, where and when we interact with TV changes constantly. What roles do blogs, podcasts, YouTube, Netflix and new digital technologies have in furthering television into a medium where consumers drive content?

Field Experience

This seminar takes advantage of the campus location in the Pennsylvania capital and provides opportunities for experiential learning focused on career outcomes.

Student Life at Harrisburg

Students who begin their coursework in Harrisburg have a variety of off-campus housing options. Dining options are abundant in the Strawberry Square food court and on nearby Second Street.

In addition to a great academic experience, the Harrisburg campus offers a variety of activities and ways to connect with the community. These activities, ranging from networking with local leaders and community service projects to trips to local attractions and end-of-semester celebrations, are a great way for students to connect with each other and with the Temple and Harrisburg communities. Main campus trips are also coordinated each semester.

Harrisburg students also have access to student services including academic support, counseling, discounted health club membership.

Learn more

Ready to get your start as a Klein College student in Harrisburg? Schedule a campus tour or reach out to Laura Dimino at or 717-232-6400.