Advertising has a powerful, pervasive, positive influence on our society and our economy. It’s everywhere we look, from websites and magazines, to apps and the billboards we pass daily while commuting. 

Given the explosion of digital advertising as well as the strength of the traditional media business, there is an amazingly diverse array of career opportunities open to advertising majors.

Here are only some of the careers you can choose from and the job responsibilities required. Take a look at our course sequences and the various jobs in which our curriculum will prepare you to excel.

Art Direction

Studying art direction will get you to think visually in creating work that captivates the consumer’s eye and heart.

Junior Art Director/Studio Artist/Production Artist

This is an entry-level position in which you’ll be expected to be an Adobe Creative Suite master and lend your creativity and expertise to the creative team to help develop and prepare ads for production.

Art Director

Art directors are seasoned professionals who design visual concepts and messaging for compelling campaigns while working closely with copywriters to execute exciting, innovative, provocative work that engages audiences.


Sharpen your writing and acquire the skills to craft brand messages into compact, appealing and persuasive language. A successful copywriter creates and composes concepts that build an emotional connection with target audiences.


Compose ad copy, editorial content, video scripts and web copy that are strategically targeted and beautifully crafted. You’ll collaborate with the art director to create copy that works with and strengthens visuals. A copywriter also might be a social media writer and a marketer.


Studying account management prepares you for the world of advertising’s business side. Learn to be a communicator among agencies and clients, and lead your team through successful campaigns. You might also learn to be a top media planner or buyer, negotiating traditional and digital media plans for your clients.

Account Executive

Serve as the innovative, persuasive and strategic leader and liaison between agencies or media organizations and their clients. Manage and oversee budgets, creative development, media planning, the process of strategic planning, timelines and more.

Brand Manager

Plan, develop and direct marketing efforts for brands or products, and serve as the brand’s key advocate.

Advertising Sales Executive

Develop persuasive proposals and plans to motivate clients to buy media. Manage budgets, daily relationships and orders.

Research and Strategy

Studying advertising research teaches you the tools you’ll need to get to know consumers and the reasons they make purchases. Researchers set solid foundations for effective campaigns.

Digital Marketing Manager

Oversee the implementation of strategies that drive online traffic to an organization’s website, including digital marketing and social media campaigns. You’ll oversee planning and maintain budgetary control of those efforts; evaluate customer research, market conditions and competitor data; review new technologies; and stay on top of new developments and trends in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Develop, direct and analyze digital marketing strategies while leveraging resources and opportunities in the marketplace. You’ll conduct market research, perform high-level analysis, and report findings to key team members to continually refine your organization’s strategy.

Digital Media Director

Craft and execute strategy for all digital, social, mobile and video content platforms. Oversee the creation of digital content, as well as teams of media creators and planners, with the goal of building an online audience of loyal followers.

Digital Operations Manager

Lead strategic digital marketing technology initiatives, including defining the scope, setting time frames, establishing methodology, allocating resources and overseeing execution with the goal of making meaningful process improvements.

Digital Strategy Manager

Spearhead online marketing efforts geared toward digital brand growth across departments and multimedia platforms within an organization. Oversee teams that establish digital strategy goals, set budgets and benchmarks, and develop and implement business plans and marketing initiatives to meet the organization’s objectives.

Media Planner/Media Buyer

Explore and negotiate media buys on your clients’ behalf. Evaluate, recommend and buy media in order to achieve the most cost effective, carefully targeted solutions for your clients.

Paid Search Associate

Create, implement and analyze paid search campaigns that drive an organization’s overall digital performance to increase traffic and revenue. You’ll conduct keyword research, create and test ads, maintain quality control of the campaigns and conduct analysis to make informed recommendations.

SEO Account Manager

Ensure that your organization’s SEO (search engine optimization) strategy matches its business objectives. This type of work includes using advanced tools and platforms to monitor website traffic, user experience and trends; staying on top of search engine algorithms; making recommendations for creating engaging content; and improving the overall site reputation and experience.

female student holding an advertising campaign sheet for the Philadelphia Phillies

Current Career Trends

Listed by Money magazine as one of the top jobs in the U.S., advertising and public relations are experiencing job growth as the whole industry evolves. With companies spending billions of dollars every year on advertising, opportunities in this field are varied and plentiful.

If you want to work in advertising, it’s important not only to graduate with critical-thinking skills, but also with hands-on experience interning or working in related fields. Employers are looking for relevant experience on résumés—including case studies, internships and portfolios and case studies—and evidence of work in and outside the classroom. For example, many writers find they have more flexibility and more job opportunities in the advertising world than in other industries.


Salaries for entry-level communication jobs across the country are reported to average around $45,000 annually. Those who gain experience and excel in this field can be highly valued and eventually be paid very well. It’s important to note that this is a field where creative solutions, passion for the job, persistence, professional recognition, a strong work ethic and competitive talent are usually rewarded. Check out a guide to advertising industry salaries.

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