Diamond Edge Communications (DEC)

Temple University’s Student-Run Advertising Agency

You are about to take the leap into the professional advertising world, but are you ready?  If you want real experience before you put on your cap and gown, it’s time you joined a real team. As one of only a few student-run advertising agencies in the country, DEC provides real-world experience, giving you the chance to supply real work to real clients. Our program complements a traditional internship.

DEC’s vibrant environment encourages all members to showcase their skills and knowledge. This is your chance to put your creativity to the test and jump-start your own brand equity. 

Real Clients

We produce brilliant campaigns for an assortment of clients who can expect devotion, quality and tangible results. Maybe you’ve heard of them.

Our past and present clients include:

  • The Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Adelphia Restaurant and Bar
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • Corporate Call Center Inc.
  • Temple Ad Department
  • Temple Ad Department Awards (TADA)
  • Temple University Graduate Studies of Nursing
  • Temple University Study Away Program
  • U.S. Department of State

They keep coming back because we help them shine.

Real Work

“No job is a small job.” From menu layouts to promotional events, we connect with our clients to meet their needs. We mesh copy and art with strategy and research to produce cutting-edge work.

Real Experience

In DEC, your work will be assessed by professionals who demand top-notch work. With the freedom to think and create collaboratively, new doors will open.

DEC gives you the opportunity to find out what you know and, better yet, what you don’t know. See how advertising works in real-world scenarios. 

Networking is critical in the business world. DEC will connect you with other talented students. We hold each other to a high standard and often end up forming relationships that last. Our client meetings and actual boardroom presentations also give us all a boost of confidence and courage for the real world.

Emerge Ready

Think you have what it takes to shine? Contact Professor Joe Glennon at jglennon@temple.edu.