Business in the 21st century is more complex and diverse than ever, particularly for companies that run locations in other countries. As a result, strong communication skills have become paramount for employers—a fact that bodes well for Communication Studies students who want to effectively absorb and transmit ideas.

By developing strong relationships with customers, management, organizational stakeholders, peers and suppliers, you’ll be able to gain a strong foothold in your desired career. With the breadth of communication theory and practice you’ll acquire as a Communication Studies major, you’ll be well-equipped for success.

Radio broadcast room with one male student host along with a fellow female and male student

Career Trends

Klein College’s Communication Studies graduates have rewarding careers in a wide variety of fields. Some have become community leaders, consultants, producers and writers. Others have entered academia, business, health services, human services, international relations, law, politics and technology.

Communications careers include*

Advertising: account executive, advertising or marketing specialist, copywriter, creative director, media buyer, media planner, media sales representative, public opinion researcher, sales manager

Broadcasting and Film: account executive, actor, broadcasting station manager, casting director, film and video editor, market researcher, media buyer, news director, news writer, on-air personality, producer, public relations manager, researcher, scriptwriter, technical director

Communication Theory: college professor, debate coach, drama director, language arts coordinator, speech teacher

Journalism: author, copywriter, editor, news anchor, news writer, news service researcher, publisher, reporter, scriptwriter, technical writer

Public Relations: account executive, advertising manager, audience analyst, fundraiser, lobbyist, media analyst, media planner, press agent, public affairs specialist, public opinion researcher, publicity manager

*National Communication Association


Salaries for entry-level communication jobs across the country are reported to average around $45,000 annually. Those who gain experience and excel in this field can be highly valued and eventually be paid very well. It’s important to note that this is a field where passion for the job, persistence, professional recognition, a strong work ethic, and a unique and competitive talent are usually rewarded.

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