Whether behind a camera, in front of a computer, at a meeting with clients of a student-run agency or tracking down a breaking story, undergraduate and graduate students in the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University are involved in groundbreaking projects every day. Check out current examples of work from students in the Communication Studies program.

Student Accomplishments

The College Penny Jar is a web series by a group of students dedicated to help other students save money and live fulfilling college lives. Visit the College Penny Jar.

Anthony Petro: In order to sharpen up his writing capabilities, Petro enrolled in a summer writing course at American University, for which he produced five short works of fiction. After much creative output, Petro had his story, which he titled Sequins. The story focuses around a lavish red dress in a store window that enraptures passersby and serves as a symbol of hope in a desolate town. It was officially published on Everydayfiction.com in January 2014. 

Nadia Ouazzi: Ouazzi introduced the Universities Feed Program to Temple in early 2013.  The program donates unused food from Dining Services facilities across campus to local Boys and Girls Clubs.

Michael Busza: Busza is the creator and showrunner of One of the Guys, an Emmy  Award–winning, web-based TV series chronicling the lives of three gay friends and their straight roommate. In January 2013, Busza was also named the first recipient of Temple’s MarcDavid LGBTQ Scholarship. Michael has began a career as a filmmaker after graduation.  Check out Michael's IMDb page to see what he’s been working on!

Joseph Casiano: Casiano’s passion for video games led him to begin creating his own video game storyline, for which he developed the characters and their bios, the plot, locations and battle systems. He would love to pursue a career in writing reviews, video games or even writing for TV. He’s also interested in how culture ties into game creation and the ways people see different cultures based on the games they put out, gender and societal roles, and more.

Darragh Friedman: Friedman attended the National Association for Media Literacy Education conference in Los Angeles, where she presented ideas for their web-based projects.

Justin Dowdall: Dowdall was actively involved in research and presented his work to the DePauw National Honors Conference, the Eastern Communication Association and the National Communication Association Undergraduate Division in just one semester.

Katie Semple: Semple was involved in a national, faith-based civic organization that created a travelling artistic project documenting the horrors of the modern slave and human trafficking trades.

Kevin Newsome: Newsome was a Temple football quarterback after playing for Penn State. He is also a classically trained pianist and has been studying piano for 15 years. He is a recent father of twins, and his fianceé and family live in North Carolina.

Jaimee Swift: While president of Her Campus Temple, Swift organized Peace in the City, a performance-based forum designed to raise awareness of suicide and nonviolence. She is currently pursuing an MA in Political Science at Howard University and has interned at The White House and CNN.

Graham Lyman: Lyman created the documentary narrative Army Man, about his grandfather’s service in WWII. The project received a grant from Temple’s Creative Arts, Research And Scholarship program and was featured as a part of the Undergraduate Symposium.

Laura Fanciullacci: While at Temple, Fanciullacci interned with the American Cancer Society and Entrepreneurship Works, a local nonprofit organization. She is currently a marketing assistant at the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers.

Matthew W. Flocco: Flocco co-founded Insomnia Theater, a campus group designed to make theater accessible to all students. He also served as a writer, director and producer for the Temple Film Collective. Flocco also won Temple’s Diamond Screen Film Festival for Best Longform Screenplay in 2012. Currently an entertainment host for Disney Cruise Line, he also held internships at Mandate Pictures and Time TV, both in Los Angeles.

Laura Rasmussen: Rasmussen served as vice president of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority while an Owl. She also interned at Greater Media Marketing Philadelphia, a broadcasting company. Rasmussen is currently a case manager at a nonprofit agency.

Megan Whitman: Whitman’s path at Temple took her to an internship with a music magazine; a position in a security company; and a job as a youth instructor for Neighborhood Bike Works, a local nonprofit. After completing her master’s degree in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania, she joined the Whaton School as an administrative assistant.

Ryan Cherlin: Cherlin brought his Comm Studies skills to an internship with the United Nations World Food Programme while studying abroad at Temple Rome. He joined the Peace Corps after graduation and traveled to South Africa, where he helped provide HIV/AIDS relief and medical awareness efforts to rural villages. Cherlin now works at Global Health Strategies, an international health consulting firm.

Caitlin S. Weigel: Weigel interned at a variety media outlets including The Crunchy Frog Collective (an improv website in London), PBS Kids, Philadelphia Weekly and WXPN. She currently works as an associate art producer at Digitas Health, a health and wellness advertising agency. Weigel is also an improv instructor and performer. Check out Caitlin's website to find out about her upcoming shows!