Journalism Classes

As a Journalism major in Temple’s Klein College of Media and Communication, you’ll develop a broad foundation that combines critical thinking skills with practical knowledge that can be applied across many different media environments and career paths. By incorporating subject matter from other disciplines—particularly those in liberal arts—your Journalism degree will help you hone your skills as a writer and a communicator, with particular emphases on

  • the ability to critically analyze past and present journalism trends and help craft alternative, forward-thinking journalistic forms;
  • the ability to provide information in multimedia formats;
  • an appreciation of free expression;
  • the awareness of legal constraints guiding responsible journalism;
  • a culture of collaboration through team reporting, in order to tell stories emanating from a diverse urban environment;
  • a keen understanding of the increasingly global nature of today’s journalistic environment;
  • strong skills in audio/video newsgathering, design, photography, print, reporting, web editing and writing;
  • a strong sense of ethical responsibility and the knowledge necessary for principled decision-making; and
  • an understanding of digital and interactive media technologies.

Four Plus One: Journalism

The Four Plus One program allows students with a non-journalism undergraduate major to combine their academic interests with a multimedia, cross-platform Journalism graduate program that prepares students for a variety of career opportunities as reporters, writers, designers, editors and any number of other positions in traditional or analog media as well as digital media. Learn more about our accelerated program.

Sample Courses

Elements of Writing

Focus on the fundamentals of style and language usage necessary for effective writing.

Journalism and Society

Acquaint yourself with the concepts and functions of journalism and the related industries of advertising and public relations in the U.S. Gain knowledge about the economics, history and structure of these industries, and examine how media content is determined and disseminated. Explore the current issues facing journalists, the relationships among journalism and other social institutions and the underlying values associated with journalism.

Writing for Journalism

Practice writing stories for various media, with an emphasis on effective writing, journalistic style and language skills.

Audio/Visual Newsgathering

Acquire additional storytelling tools by learning the basic techniques of reporting with, and editing, sound and video. You’ll focus on digital audio and video recorders in the field and produce news stories for radio, TV and the web. This course requires that you use industry-standard software.

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Graduation Requirements

To graduate, you’ll need to complete a minimum of 124 credits and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, overall and in your major.

University requirements

All students are required to complete the General Education (GenEd) curriculum with a minimum of two writing-intensive courses in your major. The specific writing-intensive courses required for this major are Writing for Journalism and

Klein College requirements

  • Earn the required minimum of 45 credits in Journalism; you’re permitted a maximum of 52 credits in Klein College. You must also complete 72 credits outside Klein College.
  • As a Journalism major, you must receive a grade of C or higher in all required department courses and electives for classes to count toward your major.
  • You may earn a maximum of 6 credits for internships and a maximum of 3 credits for independent studies.
  • No more than 8 credits will be accepted from Kinesiology and Dance activity courses.
  • You may take no more than 30 credits in any single College of Liberal Arts department without special written permission from the Department of Journalism.

These requirements ensure a broad-based liberal arts education for each major.

Retention Rates

The Department of Journalism consistently has had a very high retention rate of first-year students returning to Temple the following year.

  • Fall 2008 cohort: 87% (entire university: 88%)
  • Fall 2009 cohort: 89% (entire university: 89%)
  • Fall 2010 cohort: 92% (entire university: 87%)
  • Fall 2011 cohort: 91% (entire university: 87%)
  • Fall 2012 cohort: 92% (entire university: 89%)
  • Fall 2013 cohort: 88% (entire university: 89%)
  • Fall 2014 cohort: 94% (entire university: 90%)
  • Fall 2015 cohort: 95.1% (entire university: 90%)
  • Fall 2016 cohort: 82.6% (entire university 90%)
  • Fall 2017 cohort: 89.2% (entire university 89%)
  • Fall 2018 cohort: 90.7% (entire university 89%)

The department’s graduation rate is for the past three years is included below.

  • Fall 2008 cohort
    • 4-year rate: 52%
    • 5-year rate: 68%
    • 6-year rate: 72% (entire university: 69%)
  • Fall 2009 cohort
    • 4-year rate: 57%
    • 5-year rate: 71% (entire university: 66%)
    • 6-year rate: 79% (entire university: 70%)
  • Fall 2010 cohort
    • 4-year rate: 56% (entire university: 44%)
    • 5-year rate: 72% (entire university: 65%)
    • 6-year rate: 75.6% (entire university: 70%)
  • Fall 2011 cohort
    • 4-year rate (2015): 67%
    • 5-year rate (2016): 82.5%
    • 6-year rate (2017): 84.1%
  • Fall 2012 cohort
    • 4-year rate (2016): 58%
    • 5-year rate (2017): 70.5%
    • 6-year rate (2018): 72.3%
  • Fall 2013 cohort
    • 4-year rate (2017): 70.8%
    • 5-year rate (2018): 83.3%
    • 6-year rate (2019): 84.2%
  • Fall 2014 cohort
    • 4-year rate (2018): 70.1%
    • 5-year rate (2019): 77.6%
    • 6-year rate (2020): 82.2%
  • Fall 2015 cohort
    • 4-year rate (2019): 71.7%
    • 5-year rate (2020): 78.3%