Careers in PR

As a Public Relations graduate, you will be prepared to apply your expertise in the digital world by utilizing contemporary methods like blogs, podcasts and social media to convey messages across various media. Using strategic messages, market research, promotions and public relations, you will learn to communicate effectively with target audiences, employ persuasive promotional tactics and understand the power of opinions.

Whether you want to lead public relations efforts, manage campaigns or work with reporters, your public relations degree will serve as a foundation for a successful, versatile career working for corporations, governments, for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations or your own business. Your education will help you prepare to work in any of the following careers:

  • community relations
  • corporate sponsorship
  • crisis communication
  • employee communication
  • media relations
  • special events
  • philanthropy and the arts
  • administration
  • communication consulting
  • management
  • politics
  • training and development
  • corporate social responsibility


Salaries for entry-level communication jobs across the country are reported to average around $45,000 annually. In Philadelphia, public relations companies are reporting beginning salaries between $30,000 and $40,000 per year, with salaries increasing with experience. Those who gain experience and excel in this field can be highly valued and eventually be paid very well. This is a field where passion for the job, persistence, professional recognition, a strong work ethic and competitive talent are rewarded.