Kaitlyn Sutton
Kaitlyn Sutton
Director At Large
Department: alumni association


Graduation Year: 2014
Major: Strategic Communication, Public Relations
Occupation, Company: Associate Director of Marketing, Temple University College of Liberal Arts

Describe your current occupation and if applicable, how was Temple the launchpad for your current position?

I currently develop and deploy all of the marketing and communication initiatives and projects aimed at College of Liberal Arts students, both prospective and current. My network at Temple led me to my career at Temple.

Why do you support Temple University and serve on the Klein Alumni Association Board?

I support Temple simply because of the support Temple has continued to show me. When I was a student, Klein alumni were always there to guide me so I serve on the board to keep paying it forward.

What excites you about the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication?

The type of student Klein attracts. We are a unique group of students and it excites me that year after year I can still relate to the students we bring in.

What advice could you give someone looking to become more engaged with Klein College?

The best way to become more engaged is reconnect with former classmates by coming out to Klein events.

What was your favorite memory while a student at Temple?

The day I got the call that I was hired for my first internship. I was a sophomore and the supervisor decided to give me a shot because I came recommended from a Klein grad.

Describe KLN students in one word