Conflict Management Graduate Certificate

The online Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution is a post-baccalaureate certificate designed for conflict specialists, leaders, managers and other working professionals. The certificate is a four-course, 12-credit certificate program that trains and educates conflict specialists, leaders and others across industries.

The Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution may be completed alone or as a part of the Master of Science degree in Communication Management. Completion of the graduate certificate allows students to be accepted into the MS program without submitting GRE scores.

Learning Outcomes

The online Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution enables professionals to design, evaluate, implement and update conflict management and dispute resolution initiatives in their organizations and fields. This certificate is particularly designed for conflict resolution specialists, human resource professionals, leaders and managers in complex organizations in industries such as governmental organizations, healthcare, higher education and the private sector.

Required Courses

Designing Workplace Dispute Systems

Design and assess dispute resolution systems for complex organizations, in order to build constructive conflict cultures and positive organizational climate, and reducing the costs of destructive conflict for your organizational needs. Analyze organizational conflict dynamics so dispute systems are designed to fit particular workplace contexts and their conflict challenge. Examine both public and private organizations, with an emphasis on those in the U.S.

Conflict Management Processes in the Workplace

Gain a communication perspective on the major third-party intervention processes that are involved in organizational and workplace dispute systems and conflict management. Explore third-party interventions for interest-based, rights-based and power-based approaches to dispute resolution. Interest-based processes, including conflict coaching, facilitated negotiation, facilitation and mediation are given special attention.

Leadership In Crisis And Conflict Management

Crisis and conflict can spark creativity and galvanize a team, or it can be a destructive force that disables leaders from navigating the crisis. In this course, examine cutting-edge scholarship about best practices for leaders who bring to light the “real issues” that need to be faced and resolved.

Communicating Organizational Leadership

Focus on theories and practices of effectively leading people and communicating from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, practices that are both beneficial and challenging.