Strategic Communication and Cross-Cultural Leadership

Tomorrow’s leaders require cross-cultural awareness and strategic competence to develop and manage collaboration in their organizations. The online Certificate in Strategic Communication and Cross Cultural Leadership includes coursework in communication practice, research and theory that is critical to navigating increasingly diverse leadership contexts.


Leadership in Crisis and Conflict Management

Crisis and conflict can spark creativity and galvanize a team, or it can be a destructive force that disables leaders from navigating the crisis. In this course, examine cutting-edge scholarship about best practices for leaders who bring to light the “real issues” that need to be faced and resolved.

Communicating Organizational Leadership

Gain a foundation in the three major communications: leadership, managerial and organizational, and learn to recognize and refine your leadership abilities and applications.

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Focus on theories and practices of effectively leading people and communicating from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, practices that are both beneficial and challenging.

Leading Diverse Teams

Build on your knowledge of effective team processes and structures to include the highly complex communication strategies that are necessary for leading diverse teams in face-to-face and geographically dispersed situations.