Cornelius Pratt
Cornelius Pratt
Departments: Public Relations, Globalization and Development Communication, Media & Communication
Weiss Hall, Room 221


Cornelius B. Pratt also teaches at Temple University Japan. His research focuses on communication for national and regional development, particularly in emerging economies; international and strategic communication (public relations); and crisis communication.

He is a member of the Research Center for Discourse & Communications Scientific Committee at Zhejiang University of Media and Communications in Hangzhou, China, and the Council of the African Public Relations Association. He is also executive coordinator of the Wole Adamolekun Foundation. Pratt also serves on the editorial review boards of six academic journals, including The South East Asian Journal of ManagementPublic Relations Review and Journal of Public Relations Research.

His more than 140 publications include two scholarly books, 68 refereed-journal articles, 24 book chapters, five peer-reviewed conference proceedings, 20 book-review articles and 16 other journal articles.





Mass Communication

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


Mass Communication (International)

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


Print Journalism

University of Lagos


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