By Rachel Jani

Advertising Professor Alison Ebbecke taught the Google Online Marketing Campaign (GOMC) last semester, giving students the opportunity to create online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords and Google+.

“The GOMC offers Temple undergraduates a platform for exploring advertising theory while adapting to the real-life pressures local businesses face over the course of a campaign,” Ebbecke said. “The program offers Temple students an opportunity for independent exploration with the structure and support of university faculty and resources.”

According to the GOMC website, the challenge is available to groups of between three and six students of any major in either an undergraduate or graduate program.

Ebbecke’s students were divided into two groups. Students worked for La Colombe Torrefaction and Greene Street Consignment, after researching which businesses could benefit from search engine marketing. The teams of students for each business worked tirelessly to collect information from clients and develop strategic recommendations for each campaign in order to produce extensive pre-campaign reports.

“After the campaigns launched, students made continuous optimizations throughout the flight to maximize the rate at which traffic was driven to each client’s website,” Ebbecke said. “They held regular Google Hangouts nightly to discuss what they learned during the previous day and how those insights could be used to improve performance over the remainder of the flight.”

Ebbecke hopes that her students were able to enrich their abilities in three disciplines: the rate at which they can adapt theory to real world stimuli; their ability to set, manage and meet client expectations; and their ability to realize the value of proactive research.

“The GOMC gives our students the opportunity to learn how they can improve a campaign while it is still in market,” Ebbecke said.