Journalism Studies Courses

These intermediate-level classes are required for the Journalism Studies Minor. They give students an inside look at how news is produced and the skills necessary to critically consume and analyze news media. Students can take these classes concurrently with other Journalism Studies courses.

The Practice and Process of News

Gain an understanding of the kinds of work and industrial practices that go into news. Learn how to write news articles, and about newsroom workflow and the business and industrial pressures news organizations face.

News Literacy

Learn news processes and the tools you need to be a critical and engaged news consumer. Examine the newsgathering and production processes, as well as the social and political contexts in which breaking news and news information exist.

Approaches to Research in Journalism Studies

Get an overview of the quantitative and qualitative methods that scholars use to do research in journalism studies. Explore the major theories researchers use, such as boundary maintenance, cultural studies of journalism, framing, gatekeeping, sociology of work and more.