In the Department of Media Studies and Production at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication, students analyze, create and critique multimedia content designed for audiences in an increasingly global society. We also strive to transform students into responsible communicators who have positive effects on current and future professional media analyses and creation.

This program will help you develop the technical and critical skills you need to create high-quality and meaningful media products, respond appropriately to ethically challenging dilemmas, and thoughtfully evaluate the media products and patterns you encounter as a citizen and a consumer. With urban and global communities as your living laboratories, you’ll draw on your analytical ability, creativity, entrepreneurship and intellectual curiosity to navigate all forms of media.

Whether you’re an undergrad or grad student, you’ll find great flexibility in class choices and specialization in your course of study through several Media Studies and Production concentrations. Our programs feature small, hands-on classes with accomplished faculty, and forward-looking classes and technology that will prepare you for a career in the rapidly evolving fields of media analysis, creation and management.