Public Relations Courses

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations complete at least 49 credit hours in the major. The curriculum prepares you to speak, write and think critically about communication between organizations and their various constituents. PR courses are designed to develop your writing and research abilities as well as your leadership skills as you prepare for upper-level courses in public relations case studies and the Public Relations capstone course. Along the way, you can also minor in Advertising or complete Klein College’s International Communication Concentration. 

Sample Courses

Leading Groups and Team Building

In this course, students learn what makes an effective and ineffective team, develop knowledge and skills in managing conflict and solving problems in a group or team, plan and implement a project that reflects the mission of their team and understand the importance of ethics and diversity in groups and teamwork.

Public Relations Theory

Using a critical lens, this course enables students to explore practical public relations problems and opportunities influencing the field through application of public relations theory.

Digital Media, Social Media and Audience Analytics for Public Relations

One of the most critical skills in modern public relations is understanding the tools measuring digital marketing performance, the key metrics and their meaning. Students learn to analyze data, find the story in the data and present the data story in a compelling way.

Crisis Communication

This course provides foundational knowledge of crisis communication practices from a strategic public relations perspective, including understanding the differences between a crisis and an emergency, and how a crisis can affect operations, employee morale and productivity, business relationships, stock prices, and corporate reputation.

Public Relations Case Studies

Students develop critical thinking skills for managing public relations, particularly as it relates to the implementation and evaluation of full-scale public relations plans. Students examine current events, as well as case studies of organizational management and decision-making outcomes, with a specific focus on the role of public relations, ethics, planning and new technologies.

Graduation Requirements

Students in the public relations major complete at least 49 credit hours in the major. Courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. The whole major is capped off with a public relations capstone that enables students to apply public relations techniques and theories to the creation, execution and management of public relations campaigns.

University Requirements

All students are required to complete the General Education (GenEd) curriculum and take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses in their major.

Klein College Requirements

  • A minimum of 49 credits and a maximum of 59 credits in Public Relations courses may be taken.
  • A grade of C or higher must be earned in all required Public Relations courses.
  • No more than 12 semester hours of transfer credits may be applied to Public Relations requirements.
  • No more than 8 credits may be taken in Kinesiology and Dance activities courses.