Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising builds critical connections between people and brands, ideas and institutions. This dynamic field is the most visible part of the marketing process and both influences and is influence by popular culture. Public relations, too, builds relationships between organizations and their audiences, through the use of strategic messaging and deft navigation of corporate social responsibility and public opinion.

Collaborative group work is a cornerstone of the industry, and it is a key part of the Advertising and PR programs at Temple University. Students apply their skills and gain hands-on experience through our student-run branding agency, student-run PR firm, student chapter of PR Society of America and internships and national student competitions, including the American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition, the College ECHO Marketing Challenge, the Google Online Marketing Challenge and the One Club Young Ones Competition.

Undergraduate Programs 

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising

Learn the fundamentals of advertising and persuasion, as well as the emerging digital media used by successful brands worldwide. 

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

Create and communicate strategic messages to build relationships among a variety of organizations—including corporate, government and nonprofit—and their constituents. 

Content Creation Minor

Learn to produce compelling, high-quality content for media platforms of all kinds.

Digital Media Engagement Minor

Develop skills in digital analytics, media planning and search engine optimization.

Leadership Minor

Gain the knowledge and skills required to communicate effectively and lead at the individual, organizational and team levels.

Public Relations Minor

Learn to effectively formulate a position and influence and empower others.

Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Science in Marketing and Strategic Advertising

Combine the storytelling expertise of Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication with global leadership insights from the Fox School of Business.