Summer 2018 Course Description

Dublin 360: Urban Storytelling (3 credits)

In this course, we use new media methods—augmented reality, 360-degree video, Snap Stories and Facebook Live—to create stories in and about Ireland. Dublin is home to both ancient castles and tech-savvy start-ups;. How better to capture this mixture of old and new than to film it all, in 360-degree video? In this course, we use new media to explore the city’s connection between new and old.

Media in Irish Society (3 credits)

Students will receive a basic grounding in the history, development and trends in media, journalism and culture industries, and media production practice by producing a media artifact—print/social media, radio, film or photography. Special areas of focus include a history of Irish journalism, Irish film, social media in the Irish landscape, reflections of dynamism in Irish culture and environmental sustainability in Ireland. The course will lead students on excursions throughout the city, including but not limited to Hugh Lane Gallery, the Irish Film Institute and visits to the offices of Facebook and Google.

Faculty Program Leaders

Dublin Summer 2018: Laura Zaylea, Media Studies & Production

Laura Zaylea is an assistant professor of Media Studies and Production. Her creative practice centers on video- and text-based new media storytelling. Zaylea’s recent work includes the locative media project Speak2MeInCode (an illicit romance revealed through the guise of a grammar book) and the interactive novel Closer Than Rust (interwoven fictional stories about navigating queer identities in the rural American South). In 2013, she attended the writing residency In(ter)ventions: Literary Practice at the Edge at the BANFF Center in Alberta, Canada. Her screenplays have been recognized by the Atlanta International Film Festival and the University Film and Video Association. Zaylea’s writing-intensive course in Dublin focuses on travel writing and storytelling, while also featuring segments on screenwriting and interactive writing for text-based games.

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