Investing in the future, for our city and our students

Klein College of Media and Communication launched the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation Center for Urban Investigative Reporting in the summer of 2021 thanks to a $1.2 million founding grant from the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation of Berkeley, California. The Center focuses exclusively on the issues facing Philadelphia and other large American cities such as gun violence, economic inequality, education and health disparities, crumbling infrastructure and eroding trust in institutions. Through the Logan Center, Klein students and faculty report not only on these problems, but on potential solutions, closely examining what has worked well in other cities across the nation and the globe.

Through the Center and the college’s Philadelphia Neighborhoods capstone class and various student media outlets, students report from areas all over the city that are largely overlooked by mainstream media. Look for their work on Temple news sites as well as in local publications large and small. 

Recent News

April 2022: Temple’s Klein College Hires Two Stellar Journalists To Launch New Center For Urban Investigative Reporting
July 2021: Klein Establishes Logan Center for Urban Investigative Reporting