Taking Courses in Dublin

Semester Courses

The Temple Dublin program incorporates 14–15 weeks of study with a key course and four to five elective courses (including an optional, part-time internship).

Key Course

All students will enroll in the key course, Irish Life and Cultures. The aim of this course is to introduce students to the key features of Irish culture and society and the key currents underpinning change in Ireland in the 21st century. It spans the whole academic semester and includes several co-curricular excursions, two weekend study tours, and several guest lectures.

Electives and Internships


All Temple Dublin Fall and Spring students may apply for an internship in Dublin. Internships are organized ahead of time on behalf of the student by the Temple partner in Dublin, FIE (Foundation for International Education). Internships are found each semester within a variety of industry areas, such as advertising, communications, journalism and media, and public relations and marketing.


Summer 2017 Course Description

Faculty Program Leaders

Summer 2017: Laura Zaylea, Media Studies & Production
Laura Zaylea is an assistant professor of Media Studies and Production. Her creative practice centers on video- and text-based new media storytelling. Zaylea’s recent work include the locative media project Speak2MeInCode (an illicit romance revealed through the guise of a grammar book) and the interactive novel Closer Than Rust (interwoven fictional stories about navigating queer identities in the rural American South). In 2013, she attended the writing residency In(ter)ventions: Literary Practice at the Edge at the BANFF Center in Alberta, Canada. Her screenplays have been recognized by the Atlanta International Film Festival and the University Film and Video Association. Zaylea’s writing-intensive course in Dublin focuses on travel writing and storytelling, while also featuring segments on screenwriting and interactive writing for text-based games.