Esul Park
Esul Park
Department: Media & Communication


Esul Park is a Ph.D. candidate in the College of Media and Communication at Temple University. Her research interest lies at the intersection of political communication and quantitative method. Specifically, she studies political information processing and quantitative approaches to communication research. Esul has recently co-authored articles addressing power-level relationships for null-hypothesis significance testing (ANNALS of the International Communication Association) and suggested proper hypotheses for testing moderation (Communication Theory). 


M.A. in Mass Communication

Texas Tech University

M.A. In Journalism & Mass Communication

Hanyang University, South Korea

B.A. in Journalism &Mass Communication (summa cum laude)

Hanyang University, South Korea


Holbert, R. L., & Park, E. (2019). Conceptualizing, organizing, and positing moderation in communication research. Communication Theory. DOI: 10.1093/ct/qtz006

Holbert, R.L., Hardy, B.W., Park, E., Robinson, N., Jung, H.Y., Zheng, C., Drouin, E., & Sweeney, K. (2018). Addressing a statistical power-alpha level blind spot in political- and health-related media research: Discontinuous criterion power analyses. Annals of the International Communication Association. 42(2), 75-92. DOI:10.1080/23808985.2018.1459198

Park, E. & Woo, H.J. (2013). A study on factors affecting the intention to use a personal cloud service with a focus on the convergence model of TAM and PMT (in Korean), Journal of the Cyber Communication Academic Society, 30(2), 113-153.

Tae, B.R., Lee, C.H., Park, E., & Woo, H.J. (2012). A study on the persuasive differences of public service advertising depending on personal traits (in Korean), Korea Society for Journalism & Communication Studies, 56(3), 186-212.