Taking Global Internship Courses


Understanding the influence of culture on organizational communication has become more and more crucial in today’s workplace. The experience of working abroad and with people from different cultures can be a terrific experience or a frustrating one. International or domestic internship experiences and education about the influence of culture on the workplace is applicable to all majors in and outside SMC. No matter the type of internship, the principles necessary for understanding how to adjust to different cultures and how to work with people from different cultural backgrounds cut across internship experiences. This program, and the two courses provided within it, should appeal and be applicable to students from a broad range of professional interests. Summer study in the Global Internship program is designed to prepare you for an internship through an exploration of intercultural communication in the workplace.

NOTE*: Faculty members from Klein College will teach the 2 week, Intercultural Communication in the Workplace in-person. The Internship course will also be taught by a Klein College faculty member online.