Global Internship Program Costs

The following costs are included in your bill from Temple.

  • Tuition for full-time undergraduate students (6 credits)
    Pennsylvania state residents: $4,224*
    Out-of-state residents: $6,972*
  • Tuition for graduate students
    Pennsylvania state residents: $977 per credit hour*
    Out-of-state residents: $1,302 per credit hour*
  • Fees (for all students)
    • University services: $170*
    • International insurance: $60 (international locations)
  • ​Study Away Program fees
    • Dublin: $5,465
    • Barcelona; Boston; Chicago; Hong Kong; Los Angeles; Miami; New York City; Washington, D.C.: $7,799
    • London and Paris: $8,799

The estimated totals of undergraduate billed expenses are*
Pennsylvania state residents: $9,919
Out-of-state residents: $12,667

Barcelona; Boston; Chicago; Hong Kong; Los Angeles; Miami; New York City; Washington, D.C.
Pennsylvania state residents: $12,253
Out-of-state residents: $15,001

London and Paris
Pennsylvania state residents: $13,253
Out-of-state residents: $16,001

*NOTE: The tuition rates listed above are only examples of the applicable tuition rates for students whose home school is the School of Media and Communication. Temple students will be charged their home school tuition rates. Summer tuition is charged on a per-credit basis. Calculate your individual tuition rate

The amenities included in the Study Away Program fee are

  • a guaranteed internship in a student's industry of choice and approved companies;
  • a résumé, a cover letter and interview coaching;
  • a pre-departure orientation;
  • an arrival orientation and welcome reception;
  • housing for the duration of program;
  • daily transportation to and from work;
  • organized weekend and evening activities, including**
    • a city tour,
    • a dinner excursion,
    • overnight trip(s) and
    • local cultural events;
  • professional development, including
    • one-on-one’s with internship coordinator,
    • networking events,
    • a speaker series and
    • employability workshops.

**NOTE: Study Away can provide you with details about housing, meal plans, networking events, organized weekend and evening activities, transportation passes, and workshops.

The costs that are not billed to your Temple account are

  • a new passport (about $120—only applies to international locations);
  • a renewed passport (more than $85—only applies to international locations);
  • a Tier 5 visa ($400—London only);
  • meals ($80–$100 per week, depending on lifestyle—some locations include meal plans for breakfast and dinner);
  • daily expenses ($1,500–$3,000—varies depending on lifestyle and location);
  • cell phone (about $50–$75); and
  • estimated roundtrip airfare or Amtrak from Philadelphia to
    • Boston: $100–$250,
    • Barcelona: $800–$1,100,
    • Chicago: $200–$400,
    • Dublin: $800–$1400,
    • Hong Kong: $1,100–$1,400,
    • London: $800–$1,200,
    • Los Angeles: $400,
    • Miami: $300,
    • New York City: $150,
    • Paris: $800–$1,100 and
    • Washington, D.C.: $150.