The Selection Process

Workplace intercultural immersion

In each program location, students will not only be able to improve their intercultural communication skillsand in some cases, hone their language skills and proficiencythey’ll also gain maximum exposure to the industries in which they work. A hands-on, project-focused internship experience will help deepen cross-cultural understanding and further personal and professional growth. On-campus learning continues as students experience firsthand intercultural communication in overseas or domestic work environments.

Internships are available in nearly every field, so even if an industry you’re interested in isn’t listed here in your desired location, it doesn’t mean opportunities don’t exist. The list below is not inclusive—it merely contains the top internship fields for those locations.

Sample Industry Areas

  • Boston: casting, event planning, journalism, public relations, publishing and more
  • Barcelona: communications, event planning, music, public relations, photography, radio, TV and more
  • Chicago: event planning, fashion, finance, marketing, public relations and more
  • Dublin: advertising, communications, journalism and media, public relations and marketing, sports, and tourism and travel
  • Hong Kong: advertising, art, communications, finance, marketing, public relations and more
  • London: event planning, fashion, finance, marketing, public relations and more
  • Los Angeles: casting, fashion, film, music, public relations, talent and more
  • Miami: arts and theater, finance, hospitality and tourism, international trade, marketing, public relations, and more
  • New York City: event planning, fashion, film, finance, public relations and more
  • Paris: advertising, event planning, fashion, film, hospitality and tourism, marketing, music, nonprofit, photography, public relations, publishing, technology, theater, TV, and more
  • Washington, D.C.: communications, finance, law, nonprofit organizations, political and international affairs, and more