Using digital tools, the International Urban Storytelling program captures the people, places and traditions of a region. Under the guidance of a Klein faculty member, students will produce a multimedia research project that includes audio, photography, text and video. This program explores the city as a classroom, mobilizing students through on-site lectures, excursions and field work.

The location for the program rotates each year, providing students with an in-depth look at two international destinations: Ireland and South Africa. These destinations are ripe for comparison given their post-conflict statuses, grappling with similar challenges as they each maintain peace in their respective locales.

Summer 2019 Program in South Africa

  • Term available: summer
  • Dates: May 15 to June 16 with possibility of 6-week extension to complete internship
  • Internship: optional six-week internship for an additional  three credits
  • Courses (6 credits): Assignment South Africa: Multimedia Immersion Experiences
  • Faculty: Klein College faculty program leader
  • Student life: Housing and cultural activities included
  • Program is open to all full-time students
  • Application deadline: Feb. 15

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