Study Advertising for Latin American Tourism in Quito, Ecuador

Students will experience first-hand the language, history, architecture, biodiversity and vibrant Ecuadorian culture by staying in the capital city of Quito, Ecuador. Students will also explore other regions in Ecuador, including the Amazon (jungle region), Puerto Lopez, Isla de la Plata (coastal region) and Cuenca (highland region), while simultaneously learning how to develop an advertising campaign for a tourism client. 

Through cultural immersion, mini-lectures, discussions and project-based learning, students will execute a basic level of secondary and primary market research, uncover insights, develop marketing strategies and design preliminary creative campaign tactics with objectives to increase destination tourism for our client—the program’s host city, Quito. 

The final project will culminate in an advertising campaign pitch to the instructor, along with a representative from the host city tourism organization who will serve as the class client. Advertising executives from the host city will be invited to hear presentations.  

Program Highlights

  • Terms Available: summer II 2020
  • Dates: July 13, 2020 – August 15, 2020
  • Course: Advertising for Latin American Tourism, 6 credits (3 credits may substitute Introduction to Marketing for advertising majors at Klein College. Other course substitutions may be granted for other majors.)
  • Faculty: Professor Stacey Harpster, Department of Advertising and Public Relations
  • Student Life: Students will be provided shared hostel accommodations. Rooms have private bathrooms, Wi-Fi and breakfast included. Students will also embark on three multiple day excursions to the Amazon region, Puerto Lopez, Isla de la Plata and Cuenca. 
  • Application Deadline: February 15, 2020

For more information regarding the Advertising for Latin American Tourism program, please visit the Klein GO portal