Taking Courses in London

Semester Courses

The Temple London program incorporates 14 weeks of study with a Temple faculty-led course and three to four elective courses. The semester is divided into two phases with an orientation at the start and at midterm break, for a total of 15 and a half weeks.

Each student must enroll in

  • a Temple faculty-led course (see below),
  • a key course (required for study pathway students and recommended for all students), and
  • 3–4 additional electives and/or internship credit (see below).

Program Structure

Weeks 1-7: Phase 1: Academic Courses
The majority of the elective courses listed below are offered in the first 7 weeks of the program. The Temple faculty-led course runs throughout the entire 14 week program.

Week 8: Mid-Semester Break

Weeks 9–​15: Phase 2: Academic Pathway
Semester students will choose one of two pathways: internship or study. Students who choose the internship pathway will begin their internship placements following the mid-semester break. Internships are completed Wednesday through Friday each week for the second half of the semester. Students who choose the study pathway will continue a key course and begin a new course (or courses) following the mid-semester break.

Temple Faculty-Led Course

Each Temple student will enroll in a Temple faculty-led course to help them contextualize their experiences in London in a broad, academic manner. This course spans both semester phases, and the subject matter varies each semester. Course descriptions are included below.

Electives and Internships

All courses listed below are offered during the fall and spring semesters, and students must select their top 10 choices of the following key courses, electives and internships in addition to the required Temple faculty-led course (described above). All students must register for a minimum of 12 credits to be eligible for financial aid and be in compliance with U.K. laws.

Key Courses

Students interested in examining British culture more deeply, and in some cases through a particular lens, are encouraged to enroll in one of the four key courses. It will span both semester phases and is required for study pathway students and encouraged for internship students.

NOTE: You may only enroll in one key course per semester.


All Temple London fall and spring students may apply for internships. Internships usually consist of three full days of each week of unpaid work at professionally relevant British organizations in London. Internships are organized ahead of time on behalf of students by the Temple partner FIE (Foundation for International Education). Internships are found each semester in a variety of industry areas, such as film, journalism, marketing, media, public relations, TV and theater or relevant departments within other companies.


Summer Courses

All students must enroll in the following two courses for the faculty-led summer 2018 term.

Faculty Program Leaders

Fall 2017: Carolyn Kitch, Journalism

Carolyn Kitch is a professor in the Department of Journalism in Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication, where she teaches courses on media history, visual communication, cultural studies, gender and media, and magazine journalism. A former magazine editor and writer, she is the author of four books about media history and the mediation of public memory. She has led seven previous Global Opportunities programs, offering classes focusing on British and Irish media and on the role of visual communication in cultural identity.

Spring 2018: Heather LaMarre, Communication & Social Influence

Heather LaMarre, Ph.D. is an associate professor at Temple University Klein College of Media and Communication where her work examines the processing and effects of political narratives and emergent media on public opinion, policy attitudes and democratic behaviors. Professor LaMarre publishes in top scientific peer reviewed journals such as Communication Research, The International Journal of Public Opinion Research and Media Psychology.LaMarre’s work has also been featured on a variety of national and international media including National Public Radio, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC.com, The Colbert Report, Winnipeg Free Press, Sky News, The Globe and Mail, The Guardian, etc. LaMarre is well-known for her research on political satire and political social media, which was recently featured on Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist Histories podcast series as well as outlets such as: Bloomberg News, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, LA Times, Rolling Stone and The Atlantic Monthly among others.

Considered an expert on political and media psychology, LaMarre researches, teaches and speaks regularly about topics affecting democracy such as public opinion, political social media, political public relations, political advertising, soft news, political entertainment and policy communication. Prior to Temple, she was an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota and spent over a decade in professional politics and corporate government relations.

Summer 2018: Sheryl Kantrowitz, Advertising

Sheryl Kantrowitz is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Advertising in the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication. Sheryl was a graduate in the inaugural class of the Master of Science in Digital Innovation in Marketing program in the Fox School of Business this past December. She has served twice as the faculty leader of the Global Opportunities London semester program. She has taught and/or is currently teaching the following courses at the undergraduate level: Interactive Media and Advertising, Art Direction 1 and 2 (traditional and new media), Advertising Campaigns (National Student Advertising Competition), Personal Branding, Digital Media and Advertising and Portfolio courses. Sheryl served for four years as the faculty advisor for the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC), a national competition sponsored annually by the American Advertising Federation.

Prior to teaching, Sheryl spent almost 10 years in the advertising industry honing her skills working for various agencies and personal clients as an art director and brand strategist. Sher worked for small branding consultancies, large NYC agencies launching new products (Grey and Saatchi), and on her own, she has and continues to work directly with clients, helping them to redefine their brands from the ground up.

As a trained designer and art director, Sheryl recognizes the importance of balance between beauty and function, and works to instill this mindset in all of her students.

Sheryl is an active member of the Art Directors’ Club of Philadelphia, the Philly Ad Club and the AEJMC (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication). She holds a BFA in Design and Photography from Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts and most recently chose to pursue a Master of Science in Digital Innovation in Marketing to enhance her skill set both inside and outside of the classroom.

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