Studying in New York City

Klein College recognizes the myriad of opportunities for students in New York City and, as a result, students can either study or intern through two different programs. Read below to learn more about your opportunities in NYC.

Communities and Organizations in New York City

Few other cities can parallel New York’s collection of art, cultural experiences and history.  It is also home to countless communicative and social movements.  The city has emerged as more than merely a metropolitan area. Instead, it has become an icon.

The Communities and Organizations in New York City program investigates the communicative components of New York City by focusing on its neighborhoods, organizations and institutions. Students take two courses on these topics and have the option to take an additional course, for variable credit, as a self-directed independent study or internship. Students explore the city as a group each Saturday, and should expect to spend at least one additional day in New York City to complete course assignments. Time spent on the optional independent study or internship is scheduled individually by the student. As part of the program, students will attend regular events and excursions.

  • Term available: summer
  • Dates: Saturdays beginning in mid-May and ending in early July
  • Internship: optional through the New York City Experience/Internship course for an additional 1-4 credits
  • Courses (6 credits): New York City Communities and New York City Institutions
  • Faculty: Klein College faculty program leader
  • Commuter program
  • Student life: Students have the opportunity to live in New York City, or they can commute each week to class.
  • Application deadline: Feb. 15

To schedule an appointment to learn more or to start your application for the Communities and Organizations in NYC program, visit the Global Opportunities’ application portal


Global Internship Program in New York City

New York City is the nexus of dozens of industries, including arts, entertainment, fashion, finance, media and many others. The Global Internship program immerses you in an industry of your choice and provides you with the incomparable experience of working and living in New York. 

This hands-on, project-focused internship experience fosters cross-cultural understanding and furthers personal and professional growth. Details about the coursework, student life and finances for this program, are available in the Global Internship Program section of this site.

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