Communities & Organizations in NYC: Field Experience/Internships

Students have the option to complete an independent project, or an independently arranged, part-time internship or field experience for credit at an institution, organization or company related to their field of study.  The course allows students to gain and reflect on experience with New York City-based organizations.

Students undertake a summer-long part-time internship or experience that directly furthers their practical knowledge of public communication, public relations or organizational leadership. Students will be supervised and graded by the internship coordinator or other suitable faculty member. The final grade is based on work journals, a final paper, attendance at meetings, the supervisor’s report, and a portfolio of all work created during the experience.

You can read a few journal entries from students here.

Finding a Part-time Internship or Developing a Project

Internships in New York City are extremely competitive and often demanding, therefore, students will have the option to add this element to their NYC experience or not.  Students can either independently source and arrange a traditional part-time internship or develop their own experience project with oversight from the Communities & Organizations in NYC faculty director.  It should be noted that this is NOT an internship program and as such, the primary focus of the program is not and will not be on interning or working in NYC.  The City is a text that will be investigated, not just how to “get an internship.” and therefore the coursework for the program will reflect this statement.

Students will earn credit from Temple University and earn 1-4 Internship/Experience credits (STRC 4289) which is optional, in addition to the six credits awarded for the NYC Neighborhoods (3 credits – STRC 4212) Institutions (3 credits – STRC 4213) courses.  Further details about the two required courses and the one optional course can be found here. In addition to the extensive knowledge you will gain each Saturday in class and while completing course assignments, students will also have the opportunity to build on their experiences through a self-directed and independently sourced internship, volunteer placement and/or independent project/experience. This experience and the two Communities & Organizations in NYC courses will ensure you come to know and love your new home in the Big Apple.

Recent Part-time Internship Placements

Below is a list of companies where previous Communities & Organizations in NYC students have interned by securing a part-time placement on their own. Pleased be advised that we encourage students to be very open to internship placements.  It is in your best interest not to get to fixed on any one company as the part-time internship will be optional and if taken, just a small part of the overall experience.  The Faculty Director maintains a comprehensive list of over 7,000 part-time internship links for accepted students to peruse, including part-time internship placements in the arts, media, music, and many other industries and students interested in a part-time internship will need to meet with the Klein College Center for Professional Development staff to navigate the search process.

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