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Videos, Blogs and Awards


  • Students in the photography track from the summer 2013 program showed their work in an exhibit at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg in August 2013, and again in November in the Photography Department Triangle Gallery in the Tyler School of Art at Temple. Read the full story about Temple Update's coverage of the exhibit and its closing reception.

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EPPYs (Editor and Publisher)
Finalist for Best News or Event Feature with under 1 million unique monthly visitors 2015

Finalist for Best News or Event Video with under 1 million unique monthly visitors 2015

Finalist for Best College/University Newspaper Website 2015

Finalist for Best College/University News or Event Feature 2015

Finalist for Best College/University News or Event Feature 2015

Best College/University News or Event Feature Video 2014

Best Use of Social Media for News Services with under 1 million unique monthly visitors 2013

Finalist for Best College/University Investigative or Documentary Report 2012

Society of Professional Journalists – Region 1 2011
Second Place: In-Depth Reporting for coverage of South Africa

Mid-Atlantic Emmys 
College Student Production – Long Form: Fiction/Nonfiction 2011

Nomination: College Student Production – Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs 2014

Alumni Testimonials

Name: Andrew Sandefur
Major: Media Studies and Production
Minor: Geography and Urban Studies
Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2014
Program: South Africa summer 2013

My name is Andrew Sandefur and I’m looking to major in Media Studies and Production and minor in Geography and Urban Studies. I have lived in New England for the majority of my life, first in New Hampshire and then in Connecticut. I graduated from Lewis S. Mills High School of Burlington, Connecticut, in 2011 and decided to attend Temple University.

I am always looking for something different, and Temple met my expectations—it was a city school and it offered diversity. That desire for something new led me to want to study abroad, and in the summer of 2013 I studied away as a production student in Johannesburg, South Africa. I produced and co-produced two stories while there for Philadelphia Neighborhoods, a site run by Temple University. While abroad, I traveled not only to Johannesburg, but also to Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria to make the most of my five-week experience.

Name: Kelsey Dubinsky
Major: Journalism
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2015
Program: South Africa summer 2013
Facebook: Search “Kelsey Dubinsky”
Twitter: @kelseydubinsky

I studied abroad in South Africa in summer 2013. I currently work as a photographer for The Temple News, and when I am not running around Philly with my camera, you can find me with my sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma, participating in the gymnastics club, or working out at the gym.

My summer session in South Africa was a life-changing opportunity. It was not necessarily an easy walk on the beach (though the walk on Durban’s beach was amazing). The program itself put me through challenges I never imagined, and I came home with a great body of photography. The program taught me to become more confident in my photography and my passion for documenting different types of cultures.

I not only left with amazing photographs; I also came home with great new friends from around the world, including some from Temple. I have so many memories from the program—some good, some bad and some just outright crazy. No matter what, they are stories I will never forget. While on the trip, many of us questioned why we put ourselves through the things we did. But looking back on it, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Name: Nicholas Cutrona
Major: Journalism and Political Science
Expected Graduation Date: spring 2015
Program: South Africa summer 2013
Facebook: Nic Cutrona
Twitter: @nicholascutrona
Skype: nicholas.cutrona

I am a double major in Journalism and Political Science at Temple. I like to focus on broadcast production, and my career goals include becoming a producer for a major network. I enjoy working with others to create stories that give voices to people who might not have the time or resources to tell their stories themselves. I consider myself politically active and enjoy following national and international news. I used my time in South Africa as a chance to capture a new perspective on the kinds of stories I like to produce.

Name: Shanell Simmons
Program: South Africa summer 2011

Hey, everyone! My name is Shanell Simmons and I’m a Journalism major. YAY Journalism. I’m from the one and only New York City, and I love to read books, write reviews and blog about a range of topics.

In 2011, I studied abroad in South Africa, which was not only the best experience of my 20 years, but also the biggest accomplishment of my life. After coming back, my worldview had shifted and expanded. It was a chance for me to gain experience in my field and to effect change as well. We didn’t only stay in the suburban community where we laid our heads to rest; we went out and tried to make a difference in the lives of South African children, who are underprivileged, yet aspire to be more than what society expects of them.

My advice to anyone who might be considering studying away is to stop considering it and JUST DO IT. It won’t be like when you had to pick a college to attend, where it could either be a good decision or the worst decision you’ve ever made. There is only one outcome from studying abroad: you will absolutely love it.

If you have any questions, concerns or fears, feel free to contact me anytime. I am so willing and excited to speak to those of you who are interested—and those who might not be all that interested at all.

Name: Nicholas Centore
Program: South Africa Summer 2011

Born in the ’burbs of North Jersey, I have chosen to embark on a quest for wisdom and experience, and to take advantage of this crazy thing called life to the fullest extent I possibly can. There are too many places in this world to visit, a plethora of extraordinary people to meet, and certainly not enough time to witness it all. However, I have chosen to dedicate the rest of this life, to complete as much of it as I possibly can and not regret anything along the way. Education is imperative to accomplishing this rewarding existence, and I have no issues with the thought of it. I am now well on my way to gaining a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts with a minor in Business. What I plan to do after … who knows?

Name: Nick Peterson
Program: South Africa Summer 2011

I’m an Advertising major and Pittsburgh native. I studied in Johannesburg, South Africa, in July 2011.

Learning to be a foreign correspondent was the most enriching experience I’ve ever been a part of. I think that studying away is important because it makes you more globally conscious. The South African program has an emphasis on cultural learning; we weren’t sitting in classrooms. We were out in the field looking for people to meet with stories to tell. For fun we went bungee jumping, scuba diving in the Indian Ocean and chilled with lots of cool Africans.