Assignment South Africa: Multimedia Immersion Experiences – Reporting & Research

Students will be immersed for four weeks in the South African cities, Johannesburg and Cape Town, that are historically, culturally, politically and socially similar to yet different from their U.S urban experience. They will gain hands-on journalist experience as a foreign correspondent or produce multimedia original research in this multi-ethnic nation, where 11 official languages are spoken. Throughout the session students will participate in a collective social media site aimed at capturing their unique global experience. Students will also keep a reflective journal during the course of their travel.

During the summer of 2019, students will focus on the issue of student activism in South Africa and its impacts on policy and social change in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Students will have the option of complementing their studies with an additional internship in their field in the city of Cape Town. The internship component will be six weeks of full-time interning receiving three credits from Klein. To read more about the coursework and optional internship available through the International Urban Storytelling: South Africa program, please visit the Global Opportunities portal.