Curriculum Details

This curriculum applies to freshmen and transfer students entering the program in fall 2015 or later. If you entered the major before fall 2015, you may choose between the previous or new curriculum. NOTE: The Art Direction Portfolio Application Process will be in effect in spring 2016.  

Take all core requirements (first level; 12 credits).

  • Intro to Media and Society
  • Intro to Advertising 
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Digital Media and Advertising

Select three core requirements (second level; 9 credits).

  • Intro to Marketing (required for Account Management track)
  • Intro to Copywriting (required for Copywriting track)
  • Intro to Media Planning (required for Media Planning track)
  • Intro to Brand Strategy and Research (required for Brand Strategy and Research track)
  • Into to Art Direction: Visual Communication (required for Art Direction track)

 take three Track requirements (9 credits).

  • Account Management (to be taken with, or after, Intro to Marketing)
    • Digital Analytics and Reporting
    • Advertising Sales
    • Account Management
  • Copywriting (to be taken after Intro to Copywriting)
    • Copywriting for Print and Web
    • Copywriting for Radio, TV and VIdeo
    • Advertising Portfolio
  • Media Planning (to be taken with, or after, Intro to Media Planning)
    • Digital Analytics and Reporting
    • Advertising Sales
    • Advanced Media Planning
  • ​Brand Strategy and Research Track (to be taken with, or after, Intro to Brand Strategy and Research)
    • Digital Analytics and Reporting
    • Qualitative Ad Research (fall only)
    • Account Planning (spring only)
  • Art Direction (to be taken after Intro to Art Direction and Intro to Digital Design Tools)*
    • Art Direction I: Concept and Layout**
    • Art Direction II: Narrative and Multimedia**
    • Advertising Portfolio**

*The Art Direction track requires that as of spring 2016, new students must apply and be accepted to this sequence.
**These courses may not be taken simultaneously.​

​Take upper-level requirements (9 credits).

  • Morality, Law and Advertising
  • either Diamond Edge Communications or Internship***
  • either Advertising Campaigns or National Student Advertising Competition (spring only)***

​NOTE: ***Diamond Edge Communications and Internship and National Student Advertising Competition require permission from the courses’ instructors. 

Electives (9–21 credits)⁺

  • Intro to Digital Design Tools (required for Art Direction track)
  • Intermediate Digital Design Tools (recommended for Art Direction track)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Typography (only for students in the Art Direction track)
  • Strategy and Positioning 
  • Web Design and Development
  • Personal Branding
  • Advertising and Society
  • National Student Advertising Competition (fall only)
  • Google Online MArketing Challenge
  • 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
  • Quantitative Advertising Research (spring only)
  • Creative Thinking
  • ECHO Competition⁺⁺
  • Independent Study⁺⁺

Intro to Art Direction: Visual Communication, Intro to CopywritingIntro to Marketing, Intro to Media Planning, and Intro to Research and Strategy may also be taken as electives. 
⁺⁺ECHO Comeptition and Independent Study require permission from the courses’ instructors.