Sports Media Certificate

Klein’s 18-credit undergraduate certificate program in sports media is aimed at enhancing the future employment prospects for any student interested in the field of sports media. Through an innovative curriculum, students develop a greater understanding of the coverage of sports as well as its cultural impact on society.

Students taking the Sports Media Certificate will also spend time examining the intersections of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, class and demographics as they pertain to sports media and representation. Writing skills and research methodology are areas of focus as well within the rigorous cross-disciplinary curriculum of the Sports Media Certificate program.

Learn more about the undergraduate Certificate in Sports Media, available courses and requirements.


All students taking the certificate are required to take JRN 3763: The Influence of Sports Media on Modern Society, as well as five elective courses from a set list. Many students choose to take courses such as:

  • Advanced Sports Reporting
  • Beyond the Lines: Producing Sports Journalism
  • Communicating Sports Statistics and Data
  • and more.

Courses are also available outside the certificate program which complement the coursework nicely. Some of these include:

  • CSI 2401: Intercultural and Cross Cultural Conflict
  • JRN 1111: Journalism and Society
  • CMST 1111: Communication and Public Life
  • MSP 1701: Introduction to Media Production
  • and more.

How to Register for the Certificate

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Klein’s Academic Advising is located in:
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