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Beyond the Classroom

Klein College of Media and Communication is home to some of the world’s leading creators in communication research and theory, conflict resolution, global media, journalism, media production, public relations and more.

At Klein, we combine forward-thinking methods and advanced technology with hands-on experience to ensure students emerge ready for the real world. Taught by experienced faculty and renowned scholars, students are pushed outside of their comfort zones to reach further and go deeper in their studies and get the most out of their experiences.

We foster connections between faculty and students and encourage the development of cutting-edge ideas at Klein and throughout media and communication. Our centers are idea hubs where students and faculty alike can create, collaborate, research and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Center for Media and Information Literacy

Established in 2012 at Klein College, the Center for Media and Information Literacy (CMIL) is a hub for local, national and international research, outreach, education and professional development. The center provides tools for educators and the media industry to advance critical analysis, and the use and creation of quality media content.

The CMIL utilizes its resources to strategically reach its objectives and work toward a more literate world. Some of the ways the center approaches literacy include

  • developing projects and partnerships that examine the impact of media and technology, with a focus on media literacy education and children’s media content;
  • encouraging the integration of media literacy and information literacy principles in content developed for gaming, online, television and other media; and 
  • providing community outreach, media technology and public programs that emphasize media literacy education and children’s media content educational services targeted to the needs of youth and local school and after-school educators.

Learn more about the Center for Media and Information Literacy.

Claire Smith Center for Sports Media

In October 2021, Klein College announced plans to establish the Claire Smith Center for Sports Media.

The center was named in honor of Claire Smith, a Klein alumna and a pioneer in sports journalism. Smith was the first woman to regularly cover a Major League Baseball club and the first African American woman to become a full-time beat writer. She was also the first woman to be honored in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum with the Baseball Writers’ Association of America Career Excellence Award. Now, Smith has joined the Klein College faculty and will help bring the center to life. 

The Claire Smith Center will be a hub for teaching, training and research in the areas of advertising, production, public relations and sports journalism. Through a hands-on, cross-disciplinary learning approach, the center and its Sports Media Certificate program will address the blurred line between sports journalism and the business of sports, as well as focus on breaking down gender and racial barriers in sports media. 

The center will also follow Smith’s profound legacy and launch a new generation of sports media legends steeped in both practical knowledge and the culture, theory and history of their field.

Learn more about the Claire Smith Center for Sports Media.

The Claire Smith Center will prepare Temple students for the fast-changing world of sports media, giving them a solid foundation in the values personified by Claire: ethics, integrity and excellence.

Dean David Boardman

David Boardman

Dean, Klein College of Media and Communication

The Jonathan Logan Family Foundation Center for Urban Investigative Reporting

Launched in the summer of 2022, the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation Center for Urban Investigative Reporting concentrates on current issues facing Philadelphia and other large American cities such as crumbling infrastructure, economic inequality, education and health disparities, eroding trust in institutions and gun violence. 

Through the Logan Center, students and faculty hold open discussions about Philadelphia’s most pressing issues, utilize research resources to discover the root of the city’s challenges, and provide solutions based on the successes and failures of other cities that have faced similar issues in the country and around the world.

In conjunction with Klein’s Philadelphia Neighborhoods capstone course and the college’s student media outlets, the Logan Center provides a place for students to examine and report on areas of the city that are largely overlooked by mainstream media.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication to train smart young journalists in urban investigative reporting, not only to expose problems but also to report on promising solutions that can really make a difference in people’s lives.

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Jonathan Logan

President, Jonathan Logan Family Foundation

Youth Dialogue Institute

Based in Klein’s Department of Communication and Social Influence, the Youth Dialogue Institute is a conflict education project that aims to empower young people to develop and facilitate meaningful conversations about conflict and community needs using various social media platforms. 

In collaboration with the School District of Philadelphia and the Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (CRETE) program, the Youth Dialogue Institute invited high school students to work with Klein faculty and students to create media-based dialogue processes to use as conflict management and leadership tools—laying the groundwork for youth-led conversations on serious issues in the district and the broader Philadelphia community. 

Through the project’s three two-day sessions, students learned critical media theories and conflict management communication models, as well as worked together in a think-tank environment to learn how to effectively discuss critical issues such as climate change, LGBTQIA+ issues, mental health discrimination, racial inequality and women’s reproductive rights. 

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Academic Programs

At Klein College, students immerse themselves in the latest innovations in digital media, as well as learn from and connect with experienced faculty members and scholars. Our innovative curriculum makes the city our classroom and our students are encouraged to take advantage of Philadelphia’s rich history and its position as the nation’s fourth-largest media market. Through hands-on learning, cutting-edge technology and real-world experiences, our programs allow students to make the most out of their time at Klein and take the industry by storm.

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Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

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