Embracing change, and always reaching higher

Each year, more than 100 graduate students come to Klein College of Media and Communication to pursue professional and scholarly opportunities in the heart of one of the greatest media cities in the world. With seven graduate programs covering every aspect of communication from interpersonal communication and conflict to media production and alternative modes of journalism Klein is the best place to be to continue your education in a hub of media excellence.

As our faculty and students constantly monitor and adjust to the dynamic and ever-changing world of media and communication, we understand that the boundaries of what we do and study are expanding all the time. As such, each of those programs prepares students for myriad careers in academia, communication management, policy, production, and research, but they also prepare them to be consumers of media who are ethical, critical and creative. Graduates apply this newfound knowledge and skills in arts and community groups, governmental and educational institutions, major corporations, media industries, professional associations and so much more.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Media and Communication

This PhD program is interdisciplinary in the sense integrates a strong media core into intellectual work in the social sciences and the humanities. This foundation helps students prepare for and excel in an academic career discovering what lies ahead for the media world, whether that be in research, consulting, finance, government, industry, law, policy or teaching. As a doctoral student of Media and Communication, you will contribute to the faculty research and publications that fascinate you, work with incredible mentors and earn your doctoral degree with strong roots in both theory and methodology.

Master of Arts in Media Studies and Production

This MA program is a truly flexible, two-year graduate degree program for those who want to pursue their passions for media and production on their own terms. As a student at one of the nation’s leading research institutions, you will be immersed in topical subjects such as media business and industries, technical areas such as networks and technologies, and even the soft sciences with the social and cultural processes of communication. You will also be able to complete internships and professional media training, or apply for the PhD in Media and Communication program. Culminating in either exams or a final creative production project, this program is as adaptable as you are.

Master of Journalism

By focusing on the multimedia and multi-platform approach taken by innovative contemporary news organizations, this graduate journalism program provides the discerning reporter with an advanced understanding of newsgathering, writing, editing, new media, ethics and law, and helps current and aspiring journalists develop into engaged and innovative professionals. Whether a full- or a part-time graduate student, you will have access to your experienced instructors — seasoned reporters, editors, photographers and multimedia specialists — in small classes within a nationally accredited department at one of the leading research institutions in the country. Students may pursue professional media training and internships at any of the city’s leading news organizations changing the face of journalism, and consider applying for the PhD in Media and Communication program.

Online Master of Science in Communication Management

This program is a professionally oriented program offered completely online through a combination of webinar and teleseminar courses, taking full advantage of the media and technology we excel in here at Klein. Focusing on strategic communication in both workplace and public communication, this virtual program prepares entry-level and mid-career professionals to manage both media campaigns and creative teams, from mastering effective communication to handling conflict and crisis. 

Master of Science in Communication for Development and Social Change

This unique, one-year graduate program ties together interests in global communication, social justice and communication for development. The immersive 30-hour program is grounded in intensive course work on development communication theory and research methods, in addition to the application of campaign design, evaluation, new and emerging technologies, participatory communication and project management. Students also have the opportunity to choose an area of specialization in order to hone their skills in accordance with their individual goals. 

Strategic Advertising and Marketing Specialization

Marketing trends are changing all the time, and the Strategic Advertising and Marketing specialization in Temple’s Master of Marketing program teaches students to capitalize on these trends in creative ways. The interdisciplinary, dual-college program combines the storytelling expertise held by Klein’s faculty with global leadership insights from the Fox School of Business. Designed for industry professionals, this part-time curriculum delivers the skills necessary to build strong brands and succeed in a digital marketing landscape.