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Online Learning

Online Learning

At Klein College, our goal is to ensure that every student enjoys a personally fulfilling experience while simultaneously succeeding in reaching their desired learning outcomes. Our unique curriculum and course materials emphasize education and innovation—both within the classroom and beyond—allowing our faculty to meet students where they are.

We offer a Master of Science in Communication Management program, presented entirely online and offered globally, as well as a number of other degrees which utilize the latest in distance learning technology. 

Whether you’re in Philadelphia or joining Temple from abroad, we’ve got the right type of program for you. We look forward to working with you in finding a passion—and a career—that best suits you.

With a completely virtual program, I’m able to manage my time in the most efficient ways possible. The communication management program truly feels like it was designed for someone like me, who works full time and needs to learn skills that will elevate the career I already have.

Klein alumna Lindsay Hargrave.

Lindsay Hargrave

Copywriter, Klein College of Media and Communication

What to Expect

Learning at Klein College means experiencing all that Temple has to offer, in the classroom or from a distance. You’ll enjoy virtual face-to-face experiences with renowned faculty and key leaders in your chosen field, as well as the chance to work closely with other students, whether in person or at your own pace through webinars, teleseminars and other teleconferencing tools.

Instructors at Klein utilize the latest in learning management systems and video conferencing platforms to connect with students, no matter the learning style or environment, providing key flexibility in meeting your learning goals.

Learn more about recommended technology at the Klein College of Media and Communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does online learning work?

Online learning, just like in-person learning, is unique to each individual. As a student taking part in online learning, you’ll experience asynchronous work, where you’re encouraged to explore material mostly on your own, as well as synchronous work, which includes virtual face-to-face meetings with faculty and other students to discuss material and achieve learning outcomes.

Does financial aid differ from in-person?

Financial aid is dependent on a number of factors unique to the student and their program. Find out more about financial aid at Temple.

How quickly can one complete an online degree?

Just like in-person programs, time to completion is based on a number of factors, including the specific degree sought, degree level, etc. It is also unique to the student.

What is it like to study online?

Studying online includes Zoom (video) classes, asynchronous work and the same or similar deadlines as in person and hybrid students follow.

Is an online diploma different?

No. All Temple degrees are the same, whether earned in person, online or through a hybrid experience.

What technology do Klein students need?

You will need a laptop or desktop computer and access to the internet in order to take part in online learning through Klein College of Media and Communication.

Will tuition change based on where I live?

No. Temple offers a flat rate of tuition for online classes, no matter your location.