Explore the art of visual storytelling in Puerto Rico

Explore the Puerto Rican community of visual storytelling; a space where artists and activists have communicated social and political issues that face the island territory. The course will introduce students to Puerto Rican history and segue to modern day politics, economics, media, and pop culture. A deeper dive into the work of Puerto Rican artists will examine how visual arts communicate the story and identity of Puerto Rico. 

Highlights of this Spring 2021 semester away include guest presentations from artists representing Puerto Rican culture, the opportunity to explore Philadelphia’s Puerto Rican culture and neighborhoods, and five days of immersion over spring break in Puerto Rico.

The Art of Visual Storytelling in Puerto Rico (3 credits)​
NOTE: This course does not have a traditional 14-week structure. The first seven weeks of the spring semester, the class meets twice a week, either in a classroom on main campus or around Philadelphia for excursions. Over spring break, the group will travel to Puerto Rico for an immersive experience that complements on-campus learning. Student Life: Students will stay in residence hall accommodations while on-site in Puerto Rico.

Program is open to undergraduates and graduate students.

Faculty Program Leader

Saleem Ahmed, Department of Journalism

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