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Home to dozens of Hollywood landmarks, studios and theaters, Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world. Klein College provides students with the opportunity to examine industry trends and career possibilities within the fields of media and communication in this summer semester program.

Children’s Media Industry Program

The Children’s Media Industry program gives students an opportunity to learn about the global, multibillion-dollar kids entertainment industry growing on the West Coast. In addition to the legacy children’s media brands of Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon, major digital and social media companies including Amazon, Netflix and YouTube have invested heavily in creating content for kids. Learn more about Klein College's Children's Media Certificate.

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Studies show that children spend more than eight hours a day with media, including apps, movies, music, television and video games. This program explores the identities of the people and the companies creating this content as well as how the industry balances its desire to entertain and educate children with its need for revenue. Students will also examine the kinds of effects media has on children and their social development, learning and sense of identity.

Program Details

This immersive, three-credit summer program takes place over two weeks in May and is led by Professor Sherri Hope Culver, whose work on children’s media and media literacy is world-renowned. Through the duration of the program, students get a close look at the industry by examining articles and scholarship on the topic, participating in on-site experiences at companies that create the content, and meeting with the executives who are deciding the future of children’s media.  

This program made me realize how much hard work goes on behind the scenes of popular children’s media, and that I have to start right now to achieve my goals and get where I want to be in this industry. I have a huge appreciation for the media workplace itself and everything that each department accomplishes to help a media business run smoothly.

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Jane Vitelli, KLN ’21

Media Studies and Production Major


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