Faculty and Research

Our Faculty

The faculty of Klein College of Media and Communication are experts in their fields who champion less traditional approaches to communication and media in the classroom. These progressive approaches to teaching allow our students to keep up in an ever-changing media landscape. Many of our faculty cross cultural boundaries and, in doing so, help students to explore compelling connections that inform their education and their future professional lives.

Research at Klein College

Temple University is located in the nation’s fourth largest media market, making Klein College of Media and Communication an excellent setting for conducting cutting-edge research and producing creative work. Our college is a testing ground where academic and artistic exchanges occur across disciplines, and our talented professors and inquisitive students explore the dynamic role of communication in public life. 

It goes without saying that the research and creative work pursued here are expected to meet the highest standards of professionalism and social responsibility, where graduate students have opportunities to work with top researchers in an interdisciplinary school of media and communication. Given the breadth of programs Klein offers, you’ll be able to carry out research in compelling new areas of inquiry or creative projects on media platforms of all kinds. 

Appreciating the Work

Klein College proudly recognizes the achievements of its illustrious alumni and their innovative research. Their success was built on the foundation of the hands-on education they received at Klein and their work continues to drive the media and communication industry forward. Learn more about our Pulitzer Prize winners and revisit the dissertations of our thought-leading scholars.