Advisors and Staff

Meet our Advisors

Stay on track to graduate with the help and guidance of Klein College advisors. Their singular focus is to provide individualized advising throughout your education and ensure proper alignment of coursework, educational optimization and timely graduation. 

Learn more about the advising staff that make up the Office of Student Affairs including their academic background, work experience and personal interests. 

Name, Title


Whitney Carroll, director of advising

Mary Beth Flynn, associate director of transfer and retention initiatives

Jackie Moore, senior administrative specialist

Bea Fernandez, academic advisor

Kendra Johnson, academic advisor

Dorothy Kuykendal, senior academic advisor

Alex Kuzio, assistant director of advising

Nina Latassa, academic advisor

Bryton McNeese, academic advisor

Declan Landis, peer advisor

Chloe Maher, peer advisor

Genesis Reddicks, peer advisor