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Financing Study Away

Understanding your study away finances.

Klein College strives to make our study away programs financially accessible to all students. In order to accomplish this, we start the financial planning conversation as soon as you begin exploring program options.

Upon acceptance to a program, you are expected to submit a deposit to confirm your participation. This deposit appears as a credit on your Temple bill and will be applied toward the overall costs of the program.

Since all of our programs earn credit, you are billed for Temple tuition based on your affiliation with Main Campus. Utilize the Bursar’s tuition calculator to confirm tuition rates for the term you will be away.

If you receive financial aid, it can be applied towards study-away program costs. In order to understand all the details, we encourage you to meet with Student Financial Services.

Program Costs

Each study away program includes two types of costs, billable and nonbillable.

Billable Costs

Billable costs include

  • the Global Opportunities (GO) program fee,
  • the university services fee and
  • Temple tuition (based on your tuition rate at Main Campus).

For specifics about what is included in the Global Opportunities program fee, review the "What It Costs" tab for the respective program of interest on the Klein GO portal.

Nonbillable Costs

Nonbillable costs include, but are not limited to,

  • daily expenses,
  • cell phone rentals,
  • airfare,
  • meals, and
  • passports and visas.​​

Students are expected to finance these through personal means rather than have them applied to their Temple bill.