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Minors and Concentrations

Add Breadth and Depth to Your Degree

Klein College of Media and Communication offers a variety of minors and concentrations to pursue while earning your undergraduate degree. Take advantage of these opportunities to explore subjects outside your major, build a broader skill set and gain valuable credentials.

There are 10 minors and over 15 concentrations available at Klein College. Minors require between 16 and 21 credits or six to seven classes. Students can choose a concentration in order to focus on a specific area within their major.

Undergraduate Minors

Communication and Activism

Leverage communication to address issues of injustice and promote social advancement. This six-course, 18-credit academic program provides students with the theories and skills to become conscientious and civically minded agents of social change.  

Given the historical and contemporary importance of activism and organizational responsibility, this program fulfills a public need for leaders to understand how to address important cultural, economic, political and social issues in need of remediation. 

Prepare to be a strong communicator across a variety of issues and contexts as well as a social leader at community, governmental and nonprofit organizations within a multicultural and multiethnic society.

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Communication Studies

Dive deeper into the academic study of media, including the aesthetic, analytical, critical, historical and theoretical aspects of the field. This six-course, 18-credit academic program explores the interdisciplinary nature of communication and media. 

You’ll learn about topics ranging from entrepreneurship and social movements to technology and advocacy and be exposed to the wide variety of associated professional careers and pathways.

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Content Creation

Produce compelling, user-centered content to influence diverse audiences across digital, interactive and print formats. This seven-course, 21-credit academic program is designed to immerse students in the world of interactive media.

Learn to develop social media marketing campaigns and hone your skills in copywriting for print and the web. You’ll sharpen your thinking to affect and understand consumer behavior, from learning how to construct a convincing argument to designing visual campaigns that can influence a wide variety of audiences.

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Digital Media Engagement

Develop skills in digital analytics, media planning and search engine optimization. This seven-course, 21-credit academic program is designed to prepare students to succeed in the contemporary field of digital marketing.

Learn social media marketing and the digital advertising principles necessary to develop persuasive campaigns, including content organization, interface design and user experience. Gain real-world experience through an international competition and prepare to take the Google Ads Certification Exam and the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam.

You’ll develop talents that are highly valued by advertising agencies, corporations, media buying and planning firms, and research organizations through coursework in digital analytics, media planning and search engine optimization.

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Digital Media Technologies

Harness emerging technology to analyze, design and share dynamic communications. This seven-course, 21-credit interdisciplinary academic program is offered by both the Klein College of Media and Communication and the College of Science and Technology

Master the newest tools transforming the communication industry. The Minor in Digital Media Technologies will help you learn to

  • analyze and solve problems efficiently.
  • create effective written communications and professional presentations.
  • critically analyze decisions about technology from an ethical perspective.
  • design and implement content for various forms of digital media, utilizing database technologies.
  • understand the impact of current and emerging technologies on communications, both locally and globally.
  • use technology to integrate internet content with computers and mobile devices.

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Global Communications and Media Arts

Expand your education in the communication arts and media production field across Temple’s international campuses. Available to students in any major, you will immerse yourself in international experiences that broaden your intercultural competencies and prepare you for career opportunities that span the globe. Students pursuing the minor complete at least nine of the 18–20 required credits at either of Temple’s campuses in Japan or Rome, providing them with the unique and transformative opportunity to foster intellectual curiosity and creative expression. 

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International Communication

Learn to communicate across language and culture. This six-course, 18-credit academic program teaches students to communicate and understand media internationally and interculturally. The Minor in International Communication is designed to improve cultural sensitivity by

  • enhancing cultural competence,
  • examining cultural differences,
  • increasing self-awareness, and
  • providing opportunities to study and live abroad. 

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Journalism, Society and Culture

Explore the interconnected and complex nature of reporting and its impact on contemporary life. This six-course, 18-credit academic program provides students with an understanding of the growing complexity of the global media system. 

Study the cultural, ethical, global, moral, political and sociological issues that govern journalism. Gain skills and enhance your knowledge in

  • information gathering, 
  • media literacy, 
  • photography, 
  • video, 
  • web development and 
  • writing.

You’ll focus on the analysis of news media and industries and develop critical thinking skills as you learn about norms, practices and technology in the rapidly changing field of journalism. Students can declare this minor after taking the Journalism and Society course. 

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Learn to lead from a communication and relational perspective with the Minor in Leadership. This six-course, 18-credit academic program teaches students to be thoughtful leaders who make ethical decisions and manage others with self-awareness to create positive change. 

The Minor in Leadership prepares students to be effective communicators and to direct at the individual, team and organizational level.

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Public Relations

Learn to form positions built on trust and respect to influence and empower others. This seven-course, 21-credit academic program provides the knowledge to understand public relations and the skills to develop meaningful dialogue. 

Public relations requires 

  • ethical actions and decision-making,
  • oral and written communication skills, 
  • self-awareness,
  • understanding audiences, and
  • using communication tools to negotiate for mutual benefit.

The Minor in Public Relations will help you develop these skills to communicate effectively and lead in any professional field.

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