Global Internship Program

Gain experience with a global internship.

The Global Internship Program is offered every summer in major cities throughout the world, including: Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; New York, U.S.; Paris, France; Prague, Czech Republic; San José, Costa Rica; Republic of Singapore; Sydney, Australia; Washington, D.C., U.S.; and more.

Regardless of their destinations, all students spend two weeks taking Intercultural Communication in the Workplace together before they depart for full-time internships in their chosen destinations.

Global internships include all the necessary on-site amenities, including housing, program events and professional development.

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It was the best experience of my life. I did things that never thought of doing by myself, moving to another country to become a better version of myself. It opened my perspective as a professional and a global mentality

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Cristina Pomales

MSP '22

Language is no barrier

Language proficiency is not required. English-speaking internship placements are available, but proficiency in Spanish, French or Mandarin may provide further placement opportunities.

​​Understanding the influence of culture on organizational communication has become more and more crucial in today's workplace. English-speaking internship placements are available, but proficiency in the host country official language(s), such as Spanish, French or Mandarin, may provide further placement opportunities.

Global Internship Courses

You will enroll in two courses worth three credits each.

  • Intercultural Communication in the Workplace, a pre-departure class requirement for all students
  • An online internship course and a full-time internship

The Selection Process

As a part of this program, students work one-on-one with an industry expert to refine interviewing skills, perfect their résumé and help them secure an internship in their desired field.

Each destination combines exciting events, learning and travel with a résumé-building internship. The required prep course will ensure students are fully prepared for the workplace and cultural differences they will likely encounter in their city.

Internships are available in most fields and locations. It is possible to find one that matches your interest and location even if it is not listed

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Top Internship Fields by Location



Barcelona, Spain

Communications, event planning, music, photography, public relations, radio, TV and more.

New York City, U.S.

Event planning, fashion, film, finance, public relations and more.

Paris, France

Advertising, event planning, fashion, film, hospitality and tourism, marketing, music, nonprofit, photography, public relations, publishing, technology, theater, TV, and more.

Washington, D.C., U.S.

Communications, finance, law, nonprofit organizations, political and international affairs, and more.