Global Internships

The Global Internship program is offered every summer in major cities throughout the world, including: Barcelona, Berlin, New York City, Paris, San José, Prague, Singapore, Sydney, Washington, D.C., and more. Regardless of their destinations, all students spend two to three weeks on Temple’s Main Campus taking Intercultural Communication in the Workplace together before they depart for full-time internships in their chosen destinations. Global internships include all the necessary onsite amenities, including housing, program events and professional development.

As a part of this program, you’ll work one-on-one with an industry expert to refine your interviewing skills, perfect your résumé and help you secure an internship in your desired field. Each destination combines exciting events, learning and travel with a résumé-building internship. The required prep course will ensure you’re fully prepared for the workplace and cultural differences you’ll likely encounter in your host city. You’ll also earn transcripts from Temple University and six (6) credits.

​​Understanding the influence of culture on organizational communication has become more and more crucial in today's workplace. No matter the type of internship, the principles necessary for understanding how to adjust to different cultures and how to work with people from different cultural backgrounds cuts across internship experiences.

Note: Language proficiency is not required in any location. English-speaking internship placements are available however proficiency in Spanish, French, or Mandarin can provide further placement opportunities.

Courses (6 credits)

  • Intercultural Communication in the Workplace, an on-campus class requirement for all students
  • An online internship course and a full-time internship

To schedule an appointment to learn more or to start your application for the Global Internship Program, visit the Global Opportunities’ application portal.