Leaving the Nest

Ray Boyd, KLN ‘13; and Dan Casarella, KLN ‘15

A Klein College Alumni Podcast

Leaving the Nest: a Temple University Alumni Podcast connects current students, prospective students and faculty with Temple University alumni success stories. Focusing on the life and career journeys of alumni, the podcast highlights how their time at Temple helped them achieve success.  

Hosts Ray Boyd, KLN ‘13; and Dan Casarella, KLN ‘15; will aim to share the stories of graduates from across the country.   

Other components of the show include:   

  • Helpful tips from the hosts and our guests for current students getting set to embark on their own life and career journeys, including highlighting resources Temple offers  
  • Questions from the nest: current Temple students and faculty can submit questions ahead of time for the hosts to discuss with their guests  
  • Panel discussions with alumni of a variety of backgrounds on specific topics and issues  
  • And more! 

Read The Temple News article about the podcast.

The podcast is sponsored by the Temple University Alumni Association. 

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