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Research at Klein College

Cultivate Research and Creative Work on the Cutting Edge 

Temple University is located in the nation’s fourth largest media market, making Klein College of Media and Communication an excellent setting for conducting cutting-edge research and producing creative work. Our college is a testing ground where academic and artistic exchanges occur across disciplines, and our talented professors and inquisitive students explore the dynamic role of communication in public life. 

It goes without saying that the research and creative work pursued here are expected to meet the highest standards of professionalism and social responsibility, where graduate students have opportunities to work with top researchers in an interdisciplinary school of media and communication. Given the breadth of programs Klein offers, you’ll be able to carry out research in compelling new areas of inquiry or creative projects on media platforms of all kinds. 

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Temple is one of only 115 top-tier research universities in the U.S.

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Klein College faculty are dedicated to your progress as a scholar, offering suggestions and discussing your intellectual and research interests and goals to help you succeed. You’ll be able to work alone, with other students and with faculty on numerous scholarly and creative projects, conducting research, presenting at conferences and submitting to journals. Travel and research funding is available to help support your work. 

Faculty Research and Creative Work 

Our highly ranked scholarly researchers focus on contemporary theory and research issues, covering development, intercultural, international, interpersonal, mass and political communication, as well as emerging technologies. Students also have opportunities to develop creative work alongside award-winning faculty with extensive professional backgrounds.
Program Achievements

Doctoral program students and faculty have recently won the following awards: 

Outstanding Book Award 
International Communication Association 

Outstanding Book Award, Global Communication and Social Change Division  
International Communication Association 

Outstanding Book Award, Popular Communication Division  
International Communication Association 

Tom Patterson Best Dissertation Award 
American Political Science Association 

Top Paper Award, Mass Communication Division 
National Communication Association 

Top Paper Award, Magazine Division 
​Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 


Program faculty currently hold or have held the following leadership positions: 

Journal of Communication 

Chair, Popular Communication Division 
International Communication Association 

Vice chair, Mass Communication Division 
International Communication Association 

Chair, Scholarly Review Committee 
International Association for Media and Communication Research 

Faculty Research News 

Learn more about research initiatives across Temple University’s various campuses and programs, as well as some of the centers and institutes that facilitate them.