Media and American Politics in Manchester, New Hampshire

Every four years, politicians and journalists in the U.S. turn their attention to New Hampshire, which for a week in February, becomes the sole focus of the presidential election. Every major candidate and their surrogates, and many journalists, will descend on the state, and students participating in this program will be there too. Students will meet with the major political players and talk with citizens as they prepare to vote. Part of the trip will involve reporting on the events that will unfold, although students do not need formal journalism training.

In this course, students will explore how media, politicians, political parties and the public work together (and sometimes at odds) to inform and serve us. This course explores the confluence of media and politics in our democratic society. Through readings, class discussions, reporting assignments and meetings with journalists and politicians, students will learn about and analyze how politicians work to communicate their messages to the media world, how the media interprets and misinterprets these messages, and the place of the average citizen within this mélange.

Examples of activities students could be engaging in while on-site:

  • Meet with campaign teams and politicians in Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Attend political party rallies and debates
  • Meet with renowned political journalists from across the U.S.
  • Generate portfolio pieces centered around the New Hampshire primaries

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