New Hampshire

Study media and American politics in New Hampshire.

Every four years, politicians and journalists in the U.S. turn their attention to New Hampshire, which, for a week in February, becomes the sole focus of the presidential election. All major candidates and their surrogates, and many journalists, will descend on the state, and students participating in this program will be there too.

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Program Details

The program follows the four-year presidential election cycle in the U.S. Early in the year, Klein College students will meet with major political players and talk with citizens as they prepare to vote. Part of the trip involves reporting on the events that unfold, although students do not need formal journalism training.

In 2020, student work from Media and American Politics in New Hampshire was collected and posted on

When I decided on the journalism program, I had gone on the Klein GO study away trip to New Hampshire to the 2020 presidential primary. We got to cover that with the head of the Journalism Department. Once I got experience actually working in journalism, that’s when I decided that this is what I want to pursue as a graduate student.

Klein College journalism graduate student, Michala Butler.

Photo by Ryan S. Brandenberg, CLA ’14

Michala Butler, '22

Communication & Social Influence Major


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