Steve Charles Scholarship Application

Apply for the Steve Charles Scholarship

This scholarship is open to first-year students with financial need who are entering the Klein College of Media and Communication in any major. Applicants must have attended high school in an urban district and have an interest in business, entrepreneurship, technology and/or urban media. 

The award amount varies and is renewable for eight semesters over four years, as long as awardees maintain eligibility. 

Submit your application by the May 15 deadline.

Application Materials

The following items are required as part of your application.

Letter of Recommendation

Submit one letter of recommendation from a coach, guidance counselor, teacher or other person familiar with your academic and extracurricular background. The recommendation used for admission to Temple University may also be used for this application.

Ask your referee to discuss your academic ability and interests as they relate to business, entrepreneurship, technology and/or urban media.

Once you submit this application, the referee will receive an email notification with basic instructions for submitting their letter of recommendation. Discuss your intent with your recommender prior to submitting this application. 

Confirm that the referee has received the email notification with the link to submit the letter of recommendation as it's common for the notification to get caught in a spam or junk mail folder.

Personal Statement

Submit a one- to two-page essay outlining your academic achievements and your entrepreneurial interests particularly related to technology and/or urban media. Your statement should include

  • academic achievements,
  • educational goals,
  • entrepreneurial interests related to technology and urban media, and
  • financial barriers.

Feel free to provide additional information about yourself that you think the committee should know.


Submit a résumé detailing any or all of the following items.

  • Exhibitions and performances
  • Extracurricular activities 
  • Honors and awards
  • Internship, paid employment and volunteer experiences
  • Publications
  • Scholarships

Application Process

The following staff member can assist you with any questions you may have about this scholarship or the application process.

Frank Bowman is the director of enrollment management at Klein College of Media and Communication.
Phone: ​215-204-5712